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Continued from 5/25/16.

After a while we had a lot of granny squares, I made baby blankets for cousin’s baby shower’s and a large blanket for my mom and for each of my kids, and one for the neighbors wedding gift. We still had a lot of granny squares. Now I make the granny squares into baby bonnets. It takes five squares, three around the sides, one for the top and one folded in half attached to the front so that it is over the forehead. Then the strings are added. These baby hats have used up a lot of my granny squares, I’m so happy about that.

Now I am making hats for older people. Most hats are larger on the bottom and get smaller as they go up. I can’t make these. The counting and remembering where I am is too much for me. My sister figured out a simpler way to make a hat. She crochets a square or rectangle depending on how she wants the finished hat to look. Then she brings one side over to the other to make a tube and sew these two sides together. Next close up the top, I like making hats with three points on the top, three is one of Gods numbers, so the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are there watching over whoever wears the hat. Then last, roll up the bottom of the hat. My hats do look like hats woo hoo. My sister can carry many colors up the side of her hats and make some awesome hats, I am still learning how to carry the other colors up the side. crochet

Do you have a hobby? Who taught you? Why is this hobby your first choice?


5/25/16 crochet…

My new hobby is crocheting. When I was young everyone that I knew knitted, so I tried to knit. I always pulled the yarn too tight so it was difficult to get the knitting needle into the next stitch. I remember knitting for a while and then looking back to what I had knitted and seeing that a stitch had been missed. So I would try to take out all of the stitches back to the missed one. This was very difficult since my stitches had usually gone through the yarn instead of going in the space between the yarns. So pulling out stitches was time consuming. I did sort of like the idea of making something, and having only yarn and two needles to keep track of, unlike needlepoint needing all of those colors of floss or quilt making..we tried to make a lot of quilts when we were kids…knitting had something that I liked, and some things that I didn’t like.

Years later I saw someone crocheting. It looked like fun so I got a book and a crochet hook and decided to teach myself. This didn’t work. The directions in the book confused me. I read the instructions and followed the pictures and still couldn’t figure it out. The lady that I had seen made it look so easy. We live by a Hobby Lobby craft store. They sell yarn so I called and asked if they had any classes. My goal was to be able to make granny squares, that was the only thing that I wanted to learn. I took the class and was very happy. The teacher did also teach how to read the directions in crochet books, I learned how to read the crochet directions, but soon forgot it because learning to make granny squares was my only goal. The reason that I picked granny squares is because they are so repetitive and can be made even by a beginner without looking at your hands. If I made granny squares, then I could crochet at the same time that I watched the kids. We are not in the best neighborhood so when the kids went outside to play I always went out with them. If they were in the front yard, I was in the front yard, if they were in the backyard, I was in the backyard. I didn’t disturb their play time with their friends, but I was there. This is a lot of time for me to just sit around, crocheting helped to fill in some of this free time. crochet2

Do you have a hobby?


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