Friday 9/6/13 Maggie’s birthday…

We had Maggie’s birthday party today. She will be eighteen next week. We try to celebrate birthdays on the weekend before the birthday. If we have the party on their birthday and it is a school night, it is hard for the kids to put their toys down and do their homework. We celebrate on weekends so that the kids can play longer.  Maggie wanted some puzzle games that she could carry and try to solve if she had time between classes. Actually, she has a whole list for her birthday and Christmas, complete with pictures on her phone. Then if someone asks what she wants, she will be ready to answer. Maggie isn’t a self centered person, she just likes to be

Maggie likes pie instead of cake. It is a nice change to have pie sometimes, but it is more difficult to put eighteen candles on a pie. The crust keeps falling apart.

We also measure the kids at their birthday. We have a six foot board that we measure everyone on and write their names the date and their age on. My mom’s family measured the kids on the kitchen door frame, and when they sold the house they weren’t able to get the board out before the sale. We got a board so that we could take with us when we moved. The big problem is that it is not flat. It was flat when we first got it. It was laid on the floor, but one side was on a book so over time it became permanently curved. We only use it on birthdays so it was on the book for a long time before we noticed it. It is closer to being straight now than when we first found that it was on the book. But…we measured the kids on the curved board for years so all of the measurements are approximate. Now, the kids have stopped growing, but we still want to write their information on the board every year. The measurement each year is in the same place, so we now have a lot of arrows pointing from their name, the date and their age to the same line.

We also measure our pets. At first we couldn’t decide where to measure the cat. Should we measure at the top of the head, or the top of the back? One of the kids thought that we should have the cat stand on their hind paws and measure to where the front paws could reach. I said “no”. Future generations would not understand and they would think that we had a cat that was three feet tall. The kids thought that that was a riot. The first time we measured the cat the kids had the cats back sagging. At the next birthday the cats back was at the normal level. By the third birthday, the cat knew what was coming and had his back arched…I believe this was to get away faster. When we now look at the measuring stick, it looks like the cat grew two inches every month that year. Grandma came over for the birthday so we measured her puppy too.

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September 2013 Bible verse: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 New Living Translation


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