6/18/17 sorting the movies and whittling…

Maggie sorted out all of the movies. She is at home all day since she is not at school any longer and is looking for a job. We had one book shelf that had movies but was positioned behind a desk. She couldn’t see all of the movies so one day while we were gone she moved the bookshelf. She also sorted all of the movies, Maggie loves to sort things. She sorted them by VHS and sorted them by ones with big plastic cases and ones with cardboard cases and ones without cases. Then she sorted the DVDs. She sorts them by adventure, romantic, series, like the Walton’s. She also sorted out all of the movies that we never watch. She wanted us to look at them and make a decision and get rid of them.We needed to wait until everyone was here to sort out movies to give away. She put them back on the bookshelf but on a separate shelf from the ones that we are keeping. When all of us are home we can all look at them.
Maggie and I went to the cemetery to get some more sticks for Maggie to whittle. There are a lot of older trees there and usually there are a lot of fallen limbs to choose from.


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