Saturday 11/2/13 matching clothes, cooking , lunches and Day 306/ 365…

I have been trying to do every job every day. It is impossible! By the time that dinner is done and my clothes are matched for the next day, there is no time to help my kids with their flash cards for school. My kids are older, but they do need help with school work sometimes. I have found a hanging rack (I know that that is not the correct name for it) that clothes can be put into separate compartments that are stacked on one another and it is hung in the closet. I am going to put next weeks outfits into it. That will free up some time. I need to get back into once a month cooking. Years ago I did this and it was great. I think that we got out of it because, for it to work, we needed to go to the grocery store with the list, a calculator and the money. We kept leaving the list at home, to add more things to it, and just got back into the habit of cooking every day. We also need to get back into making lunched on Saturdays and freezing them.

Here are some Halloweenhalloween m and m halloween wagonpumpkin and ghost pumpkins1pumpkins pictures: If you are reading this on Facebook, the pictures won’t transfer. The pictures can be found on www.oldfashionmom.comfrankenstein ghostshalloween 1 halloween horse

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November 2013 Bible verse: “Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.” Collossians 4:5-6 New Living Translation



1/20/12 – written Sunday 1/8/12 cont. matching the kids clothes for the week…

When the kids were little they couldn’t match up outfits for the week, so they helped me match their clothes. First they were asked to bring me five pairs of school pants. These were folded in half the long way and layed flat. Then they brought five pairs of socks, five shirts and five undies. These were folded and one shirt, pair of socks, etc.was put on the pants. The pants were either rolled up with the other items in them or folded up. Then we had five rolls of clothes.

The first week that we did this all of the clothes were put in the kids rooms, but the kids knocked them over and everything came undone. After that everything was kept in my room until they were old enough to keep the clothes matched. This helps us to see when we need to have laundry done by. If there were no shirts for Thursday, we knew that Wednesday was the latest that we could do laundry. It is a great visual. It also makes getting the kids dressed each day easier. I have a friend that told me about doing this, but she hangs each matched outfit over a hanger. Then any child old enough to take the hanger down can get their own clothes. We tried hanging the clothes on a hanger, but everything kept falling off of the hanger.


Saturday 9/17/11 school lunches…

The girls have their sandwiches made for their lunches next week. I need to make mine. We put the sandwiches in the freezer, each one of us has their own container…William doesn’t have one this semester, he doesn’t have any day time classes. Maggie’s container is round, Beth’s is square and my sandwiches go in the freezer door. It makes the week go so much smoother if we don’t need to make lunches each night. We also try to lay out our clothes for the next week on Saturday.
We took Maggie’s Bible back to the store to exchange it. She wanted a teenage Bible.


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