5/23/16 the TV…

We love library movies. When the kids were little they used to watch PBS and library movies, the other stations had shows that were sometimes OK, but the commercials could be for shows that came on later in the day or even in the evening. It became such a problem that eventually I said they could watch PBS or movies. They whimpered for a short while, but we have some movies and we go to the library for more a lot, so they eventually found that their choices were not that limited. When we all had to get the box for the TV a couple of years ago to keep the TVs working, we got one for each TV. Ours never worked right. We couldn’t get the five stations that we used to get and the ones that we did get faded in and out. We watched PBS now and then, they have some really good shows, but eventually the box died. I thought about not replacing it, but I didn’t want our family to be completely disconnected from the world. I also thought about buying a new TV. The new ones have this new technology, but I decided that just on principal I wouldn’t buy a new TV. If they came up with another new technology that we all had to buy next year, I wasn’t going to buy a new TV next year too. I often wondered if the kids felt like outsiders at school because they couldn’t talk about the latest shows with their friends. They said no, it hadn’t effected them much. They just said to their friends that they don’t watch TV but we watch a lot of library movies, then they go on with their conversation. We do turn on the TV for New Years Eve and sometimes for the Country Music Awards and if there is a large natural disaster on the world, but mostly we just watch movies. I do miss the local and World news, but sometimes go to their web sites and watch. It is a day old, but it is all still new to me.


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