1/24/17 Maggie is going to Grandmas…

The kids grandma is sick. Not my mom, their other grandma. She went to the doctor and he wanted her to go to the hospital. She said no. She is ninety years old and still gets around good, except for the cold. She asked if Maggie could come live with her for a while. Maggie said yes right away. I thought that she would think about it for a while. Maggie has dropped out of college and has put an application in at the pet store but they haven’t called her. She will need to put in a lot of applications before she leaves because Grandma doesn’t have internet. When she said yes I felt so sad. I know that she will be a good help and she is ready to go, but I miss her already. It is suddenly so empty here. All my years of thinking about what hobbies I would like after they are gone doesn’t fill up the quiet, and she hasn’t even left yet. I asked Maggie to start filling out applications. She looked at her e-mail first to see if the pet store had emailed. They hadn’t. She is filling out applications now. She needs a phone so that we can keep in touch with her.


7/15/16 mom’s new house and interviews…

Mom bought a new house. She likes to buy houses that need work and fix them up and sell them. She says that she is getting older and that this may be the last house that she buys. She got the keys for this new house last Wednesday and the moving van comes on this next Tuesday. There are a lot of things that she takes over in her car. She has a lot of glass, pictures, potted plants, some statues, coo coo clocks…we take these things over in our cars. She could have the movers move them, but she doesn’t like to pay them for the extra time that it would take. This new house is nice. It doesn’t need a lot of work. It needs a new roof and the inside needs painted. Mom seems very content at the new place.
William has had a lot of interviews. He is even shaving for interviews. He normally will only shave once a month so this is a big deal. None of the companies that he has interviewed with have called back for a second interview. William wants to get a job and move out into an apartment. Then maybe he will go back to school.


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