1/1/17 Lego League…

Happy New Year!!!

Beth is in charge of the Lego League contest that is coming to her school in about two weeks. She needs to get volunteers to be judges and to be general help. This group is made up of mostly students from their school. They also need about eight boxes of little Lego creatures put together. The creatures may be chickens, houses, dinosaurs etc. They are made from the smallest Lego pieces. They are put on the table and the teams that are competing bring remote control Lego robots that must pick up or scoot these Lego creatures to a certain point or drop them in a certain basket. These Lego creatures are put together by student volunteers after school.
Beth was involved in this her Freshman year and spent hours after school putting these Lego things together. She found out tonight that not enough are assembled and she needs volunteers to help her to get them done. They will also have students outside riding around in the go carts that the school builds and takes to parades, if the weather is nice. I think about eight grade schools compete in this contest. Beth does like to be in charge, but it is a lot of work getting everything coordinated for the contest and taking care of her classwork too.


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