10/4/16 job hunting, walks and projects…

William is still looking for a job. We have started applying for him at the businesses right by our house and will work our way away in a big circle. We copied a map.of town and enlarged the area around our house and are highlighting where we have applied. Pizza Hut called yesterday. They had gotten his application and wanted to see if he had a driver’s license. He said no. The lady told William that they would keep his application on file and might be hiring in the kitchen when the weather gets colder.
Maggie is in college. She is not struggling but it is not easy. She does like school. She needs to join a club. She needs some friends. I think that she needs to join a club, but Maggie is an introvert and thinks that she is fine, This weekend she may go volunteer with some students that are also in Environmental Science. She is bringing home the information on where and when. Maggie is still making a lot of dragons out of rubber bands. She really enjoys making them. In one of her classes she has met a boy. It is her intro to Environmental Science class. The class is only a half of a semester. Maggie says that this boy is just like William. The class went for a walk around campus to look at trees. The teacher showed different kinds of trees and interesting facts about the campus. The boy gave Maggie some twigs. Maggie tossed the twigs back at him and he gave her some leaves, which she tossed back at him too. Maggie decided that he is a lot like William, her brother. His back pack has a solar panel on it and he acts and talks like William. Maggie decided to tell the boy one of William’s jokes. The boy thought that she was the funniest person that he had ever met. She had a good walk around the campus.
Beth has gotten her senior project. She has been so worried. If the project is something that you don’t want to do, it makes a long year. The students had a choice between taking a laser pointer and making it into a game, something else and making a cage around a new robot that the school is getting. One of the arms on the robot is about six feet long. They also need to decide where in the room to place the robot and where to move everything else that had been in that spot. She wanted the robot and got it. Woo Hoo!


8/25/16 job search, and starting school…

William is sill looking for a job. We are doing a few applications at a time. If we do too many all at once I am worried that too many companies would call for interviews all for the same day and William would not be able to get to all of them. We have decided that he should apply at places that he would need to be driven to and say that he could only work on the weekends. Then I would drive him. He just looks so lonely. The girls have gone back to school and William is still at home. The only problem with this plan is if they want to interview him during the week.
Maggie started school today. She is in full college. No more college and high school. She had a good day, seeing a few familiar faces. She has four classes and she looks like she is looking forward to them. I am so relieved. Beth starts school tomorrow. She has first week. The kids are grouped together and do projects and presentations for the week. First week lets the kids get used to the school and there is at least one student from each grade in each group, so the students can get to know everyone. The regular school classes start next week.


5/20/16 passing classes…

Beth is still not sure if she is passing chemistry or English. They have tutoring on Tuesday nights at her school but she does math at tutoring which she is not passing either. She does have ten classes and is passing the others. She is really trying to get good grades, but she is struggling.
 I got a letter from Maggie’s school. Maggie is not passing math and may not graduate. I went to the college earlier than normal to check on her to see if she was doing homework. She was on a Farmville type game, watching a movie and making something on her loom at the same time.  The class that she is failing is the one that she added late. She said that the professor said that he would open up the tests that the class took before she got her signatures so she could take them and the teacher hasn’t done this yet. Maggie can’t pass the class without all of the old assignments opened. She also hasn’t finished her essay for the scholarship that is due this week.
If she doesn’t pass all of her classes she won’t graduate from high school. (she is taking high school and college classes. The college classes will go towards her high school degree and she will have a college transcript when she graduates too) I took away her loom and said that she can’t stay late at school any more. I’m not picking her up late at night so that she can play Farmville and watch movies. I don’t want to be the parent that looks at her e-mail’s all of the time, but I may have to start to see how she is doing in her classes. Maggie is trying too, but she is also struggling.
This has not been an easy year at our house. When Maggie got all of her signatures to straighten out her schedule, we were so happy, now it looks like we are not out of the woods yet. I have started hyperventilating again.
Was your time in high school easy? How did you get through it? How do you wish your parents had helped you?


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