1/19/14 family reunions, Day 19/365…

It would be fun to have a family reunion. The last one that we had on my moms side not including funerals was when William was young before the girls were born. We met for a weekend in Kentucky. It was so nice to see everyone. We had time to relax together and really catch up. It had been planned in advance so a lot of people could get the time off for it. When we were young we used to get to see some of the relatives every year. We would go to my grandparents house each summer and a lot of times one of the other cousins families would be there too. We all grew up together. When the chance came up to go to the family reunion we went. It was so good to be able to catch up with some of the relatives.
My dads side of the family had reunions every year for years. They always met at the same park on the same day. They chose a weekend that has a Monday as a national holiday. They get together on the Sunday. Then the people from out of town can drive on Saturday and Monday. No one needs to miss work to be at the reunion. My dad’s aunt always set it up. When she passed away we stopped having reunions.
I like to take the kids to the reunions. They get to see the people that we have on our family tree that we are building on the dining room wall, and they can get to know them. 11810 We also go to the local cemeteries and see the graves of our relatives that have passed away. We tell the kids their relationship to them. They can see the houses and other sites from our families hometown. We are not from the town that we live in so it is nice to go back home and reconnect.
My kids aren’t thrilled that we go to the cemeteries or that we point out the same houses every time that we are there. But…it does give them a sense of their history and links them to our family. We do go on vacations that they think are fun too.
When we were young we moved a lot. Going to see our grandparents at the same house, on the same street, with the furniture in the same spots was our…or my…home. It was always familiar. We could move and we still had a familiar place to go back to. I didn’t mind moving, maybe because having an extended family made it easier.
Here are some pictures: 1152painting 1 1155 11510

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