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Happy New Year!!!

Here are some random posts that I had on my Nook while the power cord was lost:

written 12/15/13 Our little cat likes the Christmas tree. She is playing with it a little bit. The morning after we put the tree up there was a chair close to the tree with the back of the chair by the tree. She was standing on the back of the chair playing with one of the ornaments. I am not really worried that she will break an ornament. Most of our glass ornaments were broken when the kids were young. One of kids was reaching for a ornament on a higher branch when they were young and pulled really hard. The tree broke in half. No one was hurt. Most of the breakable ornaments were broken and lot of the lights broke. We bought a new tree and put the unbroken ornaments back on it. Now we make an ornament each year but it is usually the flat wooden ones that we decorate with markers and our names and the year. If the cat pulls down an ornament it probably won’t break, but some are decorated and she might eat part of it.
I have started making my New Years Resolutions. I am not sure if the kids make any. I remind them about making them each year, but they decide for themselves what they want to do. To me it is a good time to look back on where I am and where I want to be. I do this twice a year. Once at New Years and once at Easter. Jesus died for us and washed away our sins on Easter, so it is a good time to see if any changes are needed.

Tuesday 12.17.13 My mom has been recording some family history on the tape recorder. The first few days she recorded a lot, but now she records on it now and then. I need to get the recorder back from her and record the information on a second recorder so that it will be in two places.
It is about twenty five degrees today. By Friday it should be forty degrees and raining.
I was driving home yesterday and saw some kids walking home. While I was waiting at a stop light the kids came to a waist high pile of snow in their path. Instead of walking around it, they crawled over it and slid/rolled down it. They were having a great time. I remember being that young. We haven’t built a fort or had a neighborhood snow ball fight in years.

One of the best decisions that we made in the last year was to get a second cat. She has added so much to our family. I have made my New Years resolutions. There are twelve of them. Most of them involve helping my kids do something, so they will be ongoing.

12/29/13 We will probably take the Christmas tree down next weekend. It was forty-two degrees today. Yesterday the kids and I took a walk in the local cemetery. It was nice to get outside on a nice day. I had heard that this was going to be a cold and snowy winter, but it hasn’t been too bad so far…but we are only in December.

Here are some pictures: bent glass candy canes pesents under the tree 2picture of flowers atree in snowtwo trees and a present ornament plate

Our church services are broadcast live on the web. Please visit us at www.cedarcreek.tv . The service times are : Saturday 5:15pm and 7:00pm and Sunday 9:00am, 10:45 am and 12:30pm

December 2013 Bible verse: “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his soulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 New Living Translation


11/7/13 family history, Day 311/ 365…

We gave my mom a tape recorder so that she can record some of the family history in her spare time. She was excited to help and to pass on the information that she had. When she got the tape recorder yesterday she didn’t record anything, but did put the recorder in a convenient place so that it would be there when she was ready. Today she started recording. She was pleased with how it went. Mom gave me the tape recorder back tonight to check what she had recorded to see of it was OK, was the volume OK and things like that. I can take it back to her tomorrow.

We are also making a family tree on the dining room wall. I want the kids to know a little about their past. It sounds like we are really together, but we aren’t. The family tree in the dining room went up two years ago with the intention of adding to it every month. We haven’t added to it since that first day. Maybe when the relatives send family pictures this year we can add them (no pressure on any relatives that read this!) We have a lot of good intentions, but we are slow to finish things.

Our family tree is a little crooked since we add all of the cousins and their families. family tree

Here are some pictures: Halloween frog Halloween decorationgo carts1garden rug

Our church services are broadcast live on the web. Please visit us at www.cedarcreek.tv . The service times are : Saturday 5:15pm and 7:00pm and Sunday 9:00am, 10:45 am and 12:30pm

November 2013 Bible verse: “Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.” Collossians 4:5-6 New Living Translation



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