1/22/17 the last driving lesson before the test…

Beth went in to take her driving test. I wanted her to take her test before it snowed again The day before we were going in for the test I realized that there was a maneuverability portion that we had not practiced for. I called the testing place and asked if there was parallel parking on the test too. They said no just the maneuverability part. They were still open so William and I went over to get a driving book. I am always hoping that if William goes to the License Bureau with me, he will start to feel comfortable there and want to take the driving test too. It hasn’t happened yet. While we were there they had the maneuverability test set up outside. That was good so that we could see how to set it up for Beth to practice on. We had set up to leave the house about three hours before the test. This would give her some driving time before the test.
We went to a parking lot the day of the test to practice the maneuverability. In the test they have five big orange cones and sticks sticking out the top of them. The drivers can see the sticks. I told Beth that I didn’t have any cones. In the trunk we had some sticks that were each about a foot long. I said we could put these on the ground and she could get the idea of what needed to be done. She said OK. We looked at the book to see what was required. She had to pull up between the cones, go around the last one and be parallel to the first cones. That isn’t a very good explanation. I set up the sticks and Beth tried it. We had the sticks too close together. She ended up running some of the sticks over and the car was crooked. She looked so upset and so young and so small. All of her hopes for driving had just ended. The driving test was today, and she had run over the sticks. We adjusted the sticks to a more correct distance and she tried again. It wasn’t any better. I explained to her that she had always been my child that was good at everything that she tried on the first try. And if she wasn’t good at it on the first try she simply chose not to do it again.
She smiled and said yes. I explained that some things take work and some things that she works at she will really love. Not everything is easy. So she tried again..The problem was that she could only see the sticks for a second then the car was in the way since the sticks were laying on the ground and not standing upright in a cone. I went over and stood by the stick that she needed to be aware of, but not close enough that I would get hit. She practiced going forward and backward and to the left and the right. Eventually she got the car straight. She felt confident again. We picked up the sticks and drove over to the neighborhood that the drivers test was in. We were early so we found another parking lot and practiced again. Then we went to the test. I was confident. I trust her driving. We signed her in and sat for about a minute before they called her. Away she went. I said a prayer for her. They came back. I looked at her, sort of like how did it go. She shrugged like they haven’t said yet. We went up to the desk and the officer gave the paperwork to the clerk, she handed it to Beth and said that we could take it to the other table. I asked if she had passed and the lady said yes. We did a quiet woo-hoo!!! I wanted to take a picture but Beth said I had to wait until we got outside. We got her license and had her picture taken. It was exciting. My first child with a drivers license. After we went outside I took a picture of her, actually I took a lot, she makes all sorts of faces in every picture so I need to take a lot to get one I can frame. Then she took a lot of selfies.


Saturday 10/26/13 new goals, posting meditating, calendars, driving test and Day 299/ 365…

I have made some new goals. One of them is to post every day. This one has not been going very well. I have been sick and haven’t made it onto the computer this week. My plan is to write during the week on my Nook and add the posts in on the weekends, to be released each day. Then if we have a lot going on, this goal can still be accomplished.

Another goal is to start to meditate. I have a Yoga VHS that has meditation on it so I…or we if the kids want to join in…can learn from this tape.

I also have a few family goals. One of the problems that I have is when a goal is made, I either loose the list of goals, or the goal gets lost on the family calendar and it never gets completed. We were at the store the other day and got calendars for 2014. We now have a second one for me that can be used for separate goals. We took the 2013 calendar and made a copy of the October, November and December pages.  Our main calendar has things like the kids school holidays and club events…like parades and dances. Years ago we had separate calendars for these things, school and goals, and it didn’t work. I don’t remember why. We went to having everything on one calendar and that didn’t work. We are now back to separate calendars. As long as we keep moving forward, that is what really matters.

Another goal is to get a copy of the driving rules of the road. My kids don’t have licenses yet. We are going to try reading a small section of the book at dinner after we read our devotional. It should only take a few minutes and help the kids feel more comfortable with the test.

These are a few of my current goals.

Here are some pictures:art2 coral 9-13pumpkins and flowers spend time with your kidsswing

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October 2013 Bible verse: “The Lord is close to the broken hearted: he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18 New Living Translation



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