1/3/14 the crawl space pipes,Day 3/ 365…

Today was really cold…about 2 deg. Our pipes came close to freezing in our crawl space. Every year I tell a story about the pipes in the crawl space, hoping that it will be the last story about the pipes in the crawl space. This year I will tell the story again, adding another chapter to it. When we moved in, we had never had a house with a crawl space before. At this house there was a piece of wood hung over the opening to the crawl space by a nail. It wasn’t a door, just a covering seperating the two spaces. From the outside there was a vent. The first year or so, the wood was over the opening and the vent was not covered and the pipes did not freeze.

A few years after we had moved in, the pipes almost froze, so we decided to leave the wood off. We put a screen there, just to separate the two areas, the basement from the crawl space. This worked for a year or two. Then the pipes almost froze again. The water in the bathroom was turned on in the morning and only a cold trickle of water came out of the faucet. I asked some friends what to do and they suggested that we get a heat lamp, like the ones used in pet cages, ex. for lizards and frogs. We had had one in our chicken coop so we brought it in. This worked for a few years. Last year the pipes started to freeze again. I asked more people and they said to put Styrofoam on the outside of the vent and to wrap heating tape around the pipes. The Styrofoam part was easy. It just needs to be cut to the correct size. The heating tape was not as easy. We needed to crawl into the crawl space and wrap the pipes. To say it like that doesn’t sound that bad, but to actually wrap the pipes is not fun. There is no room in the crawl space, all of the heating tape needs to go in at one time, and all be wrapped around each pipe as you go along. One hint if you are going to do this, don’t unwrap the tape ahead of time. We did this when it was relatively cold out so there were no spiders. For the rest of last winter, the pipes did not freeze.

This morning, the pipes were almost frozen. We have the vent covered and the pipes wrapped. We still had a small, cold trickle of water this morning. We left the water on for a long time and eventually the pipes thawed. By Monday the temperature may be -18 deg. We have turned off the heat lamp. We can’t have the lamp on and the pipes wrapped on at the same time. I am going to get bales of hay and put them outside by the foundation to keep the wind away. In the spring they can be put into the compost pile.

Here are some pictures: c2 c9how to be an artist do not enter streetharvesting picture

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Tuesday 11/26/13 youth group, crawl space, e-mail contacts, Day 330/ 365…

The girls are at youth group tonight. Beth’s boyfriend goes with them.

It is cold out. We wrapped the pipes in the crawl space last year with heat tape. When the temperature drops below a certain point the tape heats up keeping the pipes from freezing and a light goes on. When we are in the basement it is fun to watch the lights go on and off.

There is a big storm coming this way. It started in California and is heading east.

I printed out a list of contacts from my e-mail the other day. If my whole computer dies, I will have the names and e-mail addresses. The kids also keep a list of the names and phone numbers that are in their phones.

Here is a picture:

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