4/3/18 new jobs…

Maggie got a call about her job over the weekend. She was hired on the third of last month. They had asked her fill out paperwork on the computer at home. She repeated the web site name back to the gentleman, but when she tried it at home she couldn’t get in. He is not at that store every day so it took Maggie a few days to get in touch with him and get the correct web site name. After she filled out the information online she asked what I thought she should do with her check once she gets paid. Maggie doesn’t have any bills yet. I told her about saving, tithing and spending. My dad had said that it was good to live off of half of your pay. About a week later the man that hired her called back and said that there was more that she needed to fill out online. He said not to worry, she was hired and it did take this long. I had been worrying, I have never heard of it taking this long from the hiring to the start date. This set of paperwork had her tax forms and some history about herself like her graduation date. It also wanted her routing number for her bank account for direct deposit. Maggie didn’t have a bank account so she and I went to get her one. I was worried. The paperwork needs this number right now. The last time that I opened an account they said that they wouldn’t have the routing number for a week. Maggie needs this number now. When she was hired I should have taken her right to the bank to get an account, then when the number was needed she would already have it. I used to be so organized, looking at each project or event ahead of time and saying, what should I get ready for this so that it will run smoothly when we get to it. sorry…OK back to Maggie. When we got the account the lady that opened the account said that we could have the account number today. Cheer. Cheer. Woo Hoo. I should still be more organized, but it is good that this all worked out. We went home and Maggie finished all of the information that this online paperwork needed. When it was finished the computer had a message. It said something like, thank you for completing this, someone will be in touch with you to schedule orientation. That was over a week ago. Maggie has been waiting at the house playing Mine craft. She is building a city and has the streets and sidewalks done and has started on the buildings.
When she got the call to schedule orientation last weekend we were so excited. She has one interview shirt and has already worn it to two interviews there. Maggie has a lot of t-shirts from high school, but nothing dressy. She and I went and got her a new dress shirt. Maggie doesn’t want to drive so I will take her to her grandmas, my moms, in the morning and grandma will take her to and from work. I was really hoping that when Beth got her license and a car it would spur the other two into wanting to drive. It hasn’t. Her orientation was at ten this morning. I haven’t  found out yet how it went.
William and I are looking for a job for him. He doesn’t want to drive and gets so focused on what he is doing that he wouldn’t remember to go to work if he wasn’t taken there and dropped off at just the correct time to clock in. He does a good job at work and the bosses are happy with him, but he can’t get there on time without help.


10/19/17 washing machines and ferrets…

 William bought us a new washer. Woo hoo. Our old one died and I got a replacement one at the resale shop. I had forgotten that we had gotten the broken one from my mom when we moved out. She had told me that it was a large capacity one and if we eventually replaced it with one that wasn’t a large capacity machine we would need to make an adjustment to a smaller load size. The one that we got was a normal washer. What an adjustment. William wasn’t happy and asked if we could get a larger one if he paid for it. I said yes. The machine came today. We were so excited. They couldn’t hook it up because they couldn’t get the old hoses off of the faucet. The delivery guys were really nice. They showed us which hoses go where and also connected the drainage hose. After they left William and I tried to get the hoses off. When we were done the hoses were still attached. We decided to use the old hoses so we attached them to the washer. We must have loosened something because the faucet now leaked. Bummer. Now we have a great machine that we can’t use. I got the name of a plumber from my friend and was about to call him when Beth called. Her car wouldn’t start. She had gotten her first check from work and had gone and bought a ferret. She had taken the pet to a friends house and now the car wouldn’t turn over.
I was going to call the tow truck but decided that she was older. I texted her the numbers.
Beth got her car to the garage and after picking her up we went to get the ferret. She is all white and a few months old. Beth decided that Maggie can babysit the ferret since she is home looking for a job.


8/25/17 Beth’s car and finishing things…

Beth’s car needed break lines and pads and routers. I asked them to do the break lines and we would wait a week to do the brakes. Grandma took Beth to school, and I picked her up. Beth and I went over after school to get the car.
Beth has a lot going on but plays a lot and doesn’t finish anything. Now that she has graduated she needs to complete some things. She needs to get her car fixed and figure out which department of college she wants to be in. She needs to get letters of reference from her high school teachers. She is starting to frustrate me. School is starting soon and she doesn’t have anything done. So today I tried to figure out what means something to Beth. When I ask her to do things, it has no value to her, its things that I want done, she will only do things if she is finding value in it. She loves her car and needs gas money. She doesn’t work enough hours to buy gas. So I asked her, if she will give her list of accomplishments to three teachers I will give her a gas card. The teachers can take the list of her accomplishments and write letters of recommendation. This way the teachers don’t need to remember what each student was good at, the student provides the list. The teachers do this at her school for all of the students, then all of the students can have letters. The gas card needs to be something that I can afford so each gas card will have five dollars on it. She texted me right back that she has emailed the list to the teachers. I hope this works.


8/16/17 Beth’s car…

When Beth showed up at moms she was sobbing. She said that her brakes had just gone out. She cried and cried. I hugged her until she calmed down. I moved her car out of the drive and back into it to see if it was really the brakes so that I could tell the garage. The brakes did work some but I needed to push all of the way to the floor to get the car to stop. We called my towing place. They said that they would be right over. Mom, Beth and I had time to talk while we waited for the tow truck. It is nice to have quiet time together. Actually mom and I talked and Beth played a game on her phone, but she was in the same room. The tow truck came. It was the same driver that came to tow my car from work, from Beth’s school, from my house and now Beth’s car from moms house. My car brakes a lot. Beth had gotten her things out of her car and had loaded them in into my car before the driver showed up. She was so sad, she had never had her car towed away before. We followed the driver to the garage in my car. I always like to have Beth, or any of my kids, in the front seat of the car, they talk more. I don’t even need to ask any questions, they just keep talking.
We got the car dropped off. I showed Beth how to write a note for the garage describing the problem. I had her put the garages phone number and the towing companies phone number in her phone. She was so sad to leave her car. I said that it was like when a parent takes their child to a friends house for the first time. The separation is tough, but you trust the people that the kids are with and when you pick them up, you can tell each other about the adventures that you have had. This made her feel better, that we trusted the people and that the car would come back to her. Beth is so independent, she needs a lot of friends, and the car is her key to the world. Mom is going to take Beth to work tomorrow.


6/19/17 driving and movies…

Beth is out driving for the first time alone today. I gave her money for gas and a few dollars to go through the drive thru at McDonald’s. I thought that she would want to get the gas and drive back home. That’s what I did. My parents gave me a few dollars to get gas and I did that and drove straight home. She didn’t feel  the same way. She wanted to be gone for an hour. An hour. I’m hyperventilating. This is her first time out driving. Couldn’t she go get the gas and come home and tell me that she is OK?
We all had lunch after church. Maggie had separated the movies. She made a pile of movies that we don’t watch any more. We needed to wait until we were all here to choose which ones to let go. The VHS will go to the Goodwill and the DVDs will go to the resale shop. The resale shop doesn’t take VHS’s any more. They take up too much room. We separated the movies and kept any that any one wanted. Each movie only needed one vote to stay. Then Beth went driving. My little girl. She still had her dress on from church and looked so grown up. I prayed over her before she left, that she would be safe and everyone around her would be safe. I also told her to remember to watch her speed and the other cars and to watch all of the things that I usually remind her of. I also took her picture of her before she left. She left in the car… I watched out the back door… The garage is in the back of the house. Then I watched out of the front door. She texted me after about a half hour from a McDonald’s that she was OK. I’m still hyperventilating.
Beth made it home OK. She had fun but looked like it was no big deal. I may need to color my hair soon. Beth had gone to get gas, then she went to McDonald’s. She went on the highway and went past a few friends houses. She did have fun. Beth looks very sure of herself when she is driving.


12/3/13 Manor House Christmas, cleaning out the car, Day 337/ 365…

The Manor House by us will be having its Christmas open house from the seventh to the fourteenth this month. It was a large estate in this area that was made into a park. Local people or groups volunteer to decorate different rooms with Christmas themes of their choice. One room may be Christmas bows and the next may be a Beetles Christmas followed by a room decorated with many Christmas trees. It is fun to go and see all of the decorations. Every year when I go I always want to go home and start a needlepoint project.

We need to clean out our car before winter really gets here. I would like to say that most of the mess is the kids, but it isn’t in the back seat, so it must be mine. We need to clean out the car, vacuum it and wash the windows inside and out.  clouds1 clouds and tree tree

Here are some pictures:

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December 2013 Bible verse: “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his soulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 New Living Translation



Sunday 9/8/13 car show, goals, duct tape – Day 251/365…

Beth had a car show to go to for her school today. I am not a car person, but it is cool to see all of the cars. Her school is displaying their go carts, making buttons and they have the remote control robots. This show goes from eleven to five.

Beth and I set our goals for this year. She wants to get good grades and I am going to find a lot of cultural events for us to go to. We need a goal to keep us motivated. I get most of my ideas from the local newspapers that are outside of the library.

School has started. It was so amazing how we jumped back into the routine. We are packing lunches and doing homework . Years ago it took us a lot longer to settle in.

Beth has bow in her hair that is made out of duct tape. I don’t understand the joy that this generation is getting out of duct tape. She also has a duct tape bill fold. One of Maggie’s friends made her Halloween costume out of duct tape.

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Here are some pictures from the antique car show.  We didn’t make it to the whole show. We spent most of the day with Beth’s school at their booth. Enjoy the pictures!

62car 9-13 1car 9-13 4car 9-13 3car 9-13 2car 9-13 5car 9-13 6car 9-13 7car 9-13 10car 9-13 9car 9-13 8car 9-13 11car 9-13 12car 9-13 13car 9-13 16car 9-13 15car 9-13 14car 9-13 17car 9-13 18car 9-13 19car 9-13 22car 9-13 21car 9-13 20car 9-133 23car 9-13 24car 9-13 25car 9-13 28car 9-133 27car 9-13 26car 9-13 29car 9-13 30car 9-13 31car 9-13 34car 9-13 33car 9-13 32car 9-13 35car 9-13 36car 9-13 37car 9-13 40car 9-13 39car 9-13 38car 9-13 41car 9-13 42car 9-13 43car 9-13 46car 9-13 45car 9-13 44car 9-13 47car 9-13 48car 9-13 49car 9-13 50car 9-13 51car 9-13 52car 9-13 55car 9-13 54car 9-13 53car 9-13 56car 9-13 57car 9-13 58car 9-13 59car 9-13 60car 9-13 61car 9-13

I need help. Does anyone know how to add “followers” to WordPress? I can’t find where to get the code. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment. I will really appreciate it.


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September 2013 Bible verse: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 New Living Translation


Saturday 9/7/13 hair color, STEM – Day 250/365

Beth colored some of her hair last night. She colored the top layers but left the underside the original color. It is well done. None of my kids are just like me. Beth wears big shiny rings, likes to color her hair and has her ears pierced twice. She is best when she glows. It is sometimes challenging to know what to say to the requests of a child that is a different personality type. Luckily her school only lets them have their hair the natural colors.
We went to a science and math fair today. Beth’s school had a booth. They took two of the go carts and a few remote control small ones for the people at the fair to drive. They also have the kids make buttons. To make the buttons they have the kids color a picture on a button sized piece of paper and then the school adds the front and back with the pin on it. The kids like to sit in the big go carts .STEM worm 9-13 starfish 9-13 CAT machine

We went to church tonight because we have another school event tomorrow. The minister said that we should boldly invite people to church. I would like to invite you to visit our church on the web.

Our church services are broadcast live on the web. Please visit us at www.cedarcreek.tv . The services times are : Saturday 5:15pm and 7:00pm and Sunday 9:00am, 10:45 am and 12:30pm

September 2013 Bible verse: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 New Living Translation


Wednesday 9/4/13 Parade – day 247/365…

  We went to Beth’s parade this morning. The sky was gray. It rained sort of hard for about ten minutes before the parade started. We saw Sponge Bob at the parade and a frog statue outside of the fire station. Her group has go cart sized cars. They start out as gas powered and the school changes them to alternative energy cars. They have a solar powered car an electric car and some others. I think they all run on gas too. The kids drive the cars in the parade. It gives the kids a chance to show others the work that they have been doing. Since the cars are used, they sometimes need repaired. This gives the kids a lot of chances to see how they are put together. Beth’s first year there she did a lot of sanding. She didn’t know anything about cars or about the machines. Last year she did more work with the machines. She din’t come home as dirty last year. I didn’t realize that sanding was such a dirty job. She does have a greater understanding about how cars are put together, but she doesn’t seem to be taken with cars. The teachers at the school says that by the end of the kids junior year the kids have a pretty good understanding of what they would like to go into for a career.

car9-4-13 frog9-4-13 spongBob9-4-13

September 2013 Bible verse: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 New Living Translation


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