1/2/14 Thank-you’s, dog show, Historical Society Anniversary, Day 2/ 365…

Yesterday I found a blog that explained how to write a good thank-you note. My kids and I do write thank-yous, but they are not very good. The blog is at http://www.peckedtodeathbychickens.com/how-to-write-a-3-minute-thank-you-note-that-people-will-want-to-thank-you-for/ I hope that this will help us.

Last Tuesday we went to Maggie’s last two cultural events for this school year. One was a dog show at a local pet store. They had a dog that danced with her owner. It was cute. The owner said that the dog was trained to follow her hand to know which way to move. It was very interesting. She said we could Google “dog free style dancing” to see more examples. We took Beth and her boyfriend to this event. It was relatively close to our house. When the show was over we stayed at the pet store for a while. dog show

The second event was a local Historical Society’s 50th anniversary. The dog show was inside. I had pictured the anniversary party as an inside event. It wasn’t. It lasted an hour and had songs of the season, The Vice Mayor spoke, the town Crier was there, there were historical figures and the towns large bell was rung 50 times. They also shot off a cannon a few times. It was good to see the town keeping its past alive. anniversary celebration 2

Maggie had gotten the directions from Mapquest.com for the Anniversary party. The kids are older and do a lot of the map reading and direction giving when we go places. This does get a little tricky. With the kids giving the directions we need to leave early for every event so that if we get lost we can still be there on time. My kids like to give me the next line of the directions and put the directions away. If we need directions fast they need to get the directions out and unfold them, find their place and ask what my question was. By that time we have missed the turn. We are getting better at this and make most events on time. We only got lost once on the way to the anniversary party. It was dark when we went. We did remember to take the flashlight so that we could read the directions. Years ago we had a flashlight that we kept in the glove compartment of the car. When it needed new batteries we took it in and it never made its way back to the car. We do need a flashlight in the car.

At the Anniversary party they had the Lyrics to Auld Lang Syne. Here is a picture of them. I hope that you can read them. Song

Here are some pictures: benchart 3stop signChristmas ornaments

Our church services are broadcast live on the web. Please visit us at www.cedarcreek.tv . The service times are : Saturday 5:15pm and 7:00pm and Sunday 9:00am, 10:45 am and 12:30pm

December 2013 Bible verse: “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 New Living Translation



Sunday 8/11/13 written 7/23/13 camping and fishing poles…

We are going to go camping with my sisters family. The planning has been fun. We haven’t decided on a weekend or a place but we do want to pick a place that is between us. We would like to take fishing poles. It will be a new adventure. We haven’t gone fishing since the kids were in grade school. The kids have started planning what they want to take.

We got fishing poles. Two of them need new lines. We have never put in a new line. Also we got hooks and bobbers. The poles are short, but we think that they are adult poles…I am not sure if it makes a difference if they are adult or child poles. We needed poles that would fit into the trunk of our car. The flee market didn’t have any that came apart in the center, so we got shorter ones. We have a library book on repairing fishing poles on order. It should be here in a few days. I hope that it has directions on how to put a new line onto the pole.

August 2013 Bible verse: “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” Acts 20:24


Monday 7/8/13 cats, garage sale, e-mail contacts and camping…

The cats are getting along better. They have stopped hissing at each other.  Stella follows Mandy around hoping to play. She bats at Mandy’s tail or paws. Mandy plays more now, but not as much as Stella would like.
Yesterday I had a lot to say…today I can’t think of anything.
We had a garage sale over the weekend. Everything that didn’t sell needs to go to the Goodwill. The sale was fun, but not productive
About twice a year, I print off all of my e-mail contacts. My computer has crashed and we have lost everything. It is nice to have a back-up. I need to put all of the phone numbers in my phone into a book and update that after each new number. The kids update their phone list often, I should get into the habit of doing this too.
We need to set up our next camping trip. We feel confident enough to go again. We had a great time on the last trip and learned a lot of good lessons. Hopefully William will go with us. It would be fun to try a different camp ground.


Wednesday 6/19/13 camping…day 3

We went camping last weekend.
It rained Saturday night. First there was a small leak in the tent. We woke up and decided to just move away from it. Then there was a second leak. Then the water started coming in from the bottom of the tent. We did have plastic under the tent, but weren’t on high enough ground. It was raining really hard, so we decided to move everything into the car and sleep there. The girls got into the back seat and I put the blankets on them. We filled up the passenger seat and finished the night in the car.. Next time, we will look for higher ground and put the tarp over the tent.
We had a lot of fun. Maggie voted that it was fun on Saturday morning. Beth said that she reserved her vote until later. On Sunday on the way home she gave the trip a seven and said that she would go camping again. By the end of the trip “Harry Potter” was in the house by the sea and was about to go and get school supplies. We kept the list of things to pack with us. As we realized that we needed something, we added it to the list. Sandals and a folding chair would have been good. We can make adjustments to the list as we go. The planning for the trip was a big part of the fun.
We had a lot of lessons learned:
Have a list to pack from.
Pack all of the things on the list into the car.
Only take as much as can fit into the car with you if it rains and you are in the car with all of your gear.
Be ready to make changes to your plan.

We had a lot of time to whittle, build fires, laugh together, cook together and plan, remember and talk together. We made a lot of good family memories this weekend.


Tuesday 6/18/13 camping…day 2

We went camping last weekend.
The first night, the neighbors stayed up until about 1:00. They weren’t loud, but it is different having them so close. Maggie and I got up early. She told  me about her last day of school and the things that she has been doing lately. We went out and looked for sticks for the fire. We had already changed our thinking from the house to the skills of the campsite. It is always nice to get some time with each of the kids. After breakfast, the three of us played “21” and tried to play a game called “Pirates” but the pieces wouldn’t assemble. Whenever we had some relaxing time, Maggie read “Harry Potter” to us.
We went swimming later and found seashells. We went to church Saturday evening. The message was about following God’s will. We went home and got William so he could go to church with us. We also picked up the things that we had forgotten from the first trip, or had gotten ready but had forgotten to put into the car. We had the grate for the fire ready, but had put it behind the kitchen door, so it never made it into the car on Friday. I hoped that everything would  fit into the car on the way home.
That night, back at camp, we built a fire, had dinner and smores and heard more about “Harry Potter”. The forecast for Saturday night was rain…
We went to bed.


Monday 6/17/13 camping…day one…

We went camping last weekend. We had a great time!!!
When we started to pack, William said that he wasn’t going to go. I talked, and reasoned and said that it would make great family memories, but he wouldn’t budge. So he stayed home. That was sad, but at 23 years old, he would have been board. Maybe he will go with us next time.
We had started a list of what to take earlier in the week and started assembling the items in the living room. The intent was that everything make it to the campsite in one trip and it would all fit into the car. Some people go into the woods for weeks with one small back pack and a pocket knife, but this was our first trip. We did get everything together in an hour or two. We needed to get there and have the tent up before it got dark.
We arrived, checked in, picked our campsite and started to assemble the tent. This is the tent that wouldn’t go together in the living room. We finally put it together in the backyard. We felt confident about it at the campsite, but managed to put it together wrong twice. On the third try it went up…and it was still light…mostly. I had wanted to get a paint marker and mark which poles went where, but hadn’t gotten to it yet. Maggie and Beth tipped the tent on it’s side to get the dirt out of it. We had only just arrived and were already a spectacle.
We unpacked and built a fire. The wood burns faster than you think that it will. The kindling was gone almost instantly. There weren’t many twigs around and no medium sized logs…and it was dark. We let the fire go out and decided to start again in the morning.


5/31/13 written Saturday 4.27.13 tent…

We went outside to put up the tent. Beth had homework and stayed in the house. William, Maggie and I took the tent outside. We figured out that the first two poles that were assembeled were not part of the frame of the main tent, but part of the two side rooms. That made a big difference. Most of the poles we could figure out from the directions where they went, some took more looking to find sleves that were the correct length to put them into. William always does a safety test on everything for us. The tent is no differet. When it was assembeled William went outside of the tent to hold the poles and he called out “earthquake” and then he shook the tent. I am happy to report that the tent withstood the shaking and is safe for us to use. As soon as school is out, we can go camping.


5/29/13 written Friday 4.18.13 tent…

We tried to put the tent up tonight. We got home and had dinner. The kids wanted to have the smores first so that we wouldn’t be too tired and not make them. The smores were fun. Some people choose to burn every marshmallow, and some choose to cook them to a golden brown…everyone’s different. Then we started the tent. The directions were not very clear and it was already late. This tent is bigger than the floor space in our living room, and when it is assembled and it is six feet tall…so without the poles in it, the tent material looked massive in our living room. We put the poles in and the tent bottom hovered two feet off of the floor. We re-read the directions and tried again and it wasn’t any better. Also, when this tent was assembled, it was wider than the floor space so two legs needed to be on the couch…which didn’t help the problem of the floor of the tent floating, or help us to get around the tent to correct the problem…and it was getting later at night…so we put the tent away and decided to try it again outside. The smores were a happy memory, but I don’t think that the tent assembly was.


5/28/13 written Thursday 4.18.13 tent, math and tests…

We are going to put up our tent tomorrow. We are going to make s’mores when we are done. The weather is so nice today. I wish that we could go camping this weekend.
Beth has started doing her math homework on the computer again. We were having problems, the websites wouldn’t load.
Maggie needs to take a test for school next week at the college, it must be outside of the normal school day because she was telling me that we need to schedule it.


5/27/13 written Monday 4.15.13 Boston…tents…

Today two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. At least three people were killed. They say that it looks like a terrorist attack. It is so hard to believe, things like this don’t happen in the US. We have such an unnoticed peace. We have a peaceful country and have few restrictions. When this happens, I am just shaken. How do we defend our kids? Where is it safe to be? I am glad that God watches over us. He can be every where at once.
We bough a new tent today!!! It is a six to seven man tent with three rooms. I found it on Craig’s list and it was being sold by a resale shop by my house. We can put it together in the living room. We will need to check the measurements to see if it will fit in the living room.


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