5/19/16 favorite apps…

fun 3. Cow Evolution – OK, I’ll admit it, I didn’t learn with Platypus Evolution…my kids were playing Cow Evolution and they had an alien and I didn’t. It is more exciting than Platypus Evolution. there is an alien that needs to have my cows given to it. Points are given the for these cows on another planet. So we can switch back and forth from Earth to Mars and there are the aliens on earth that need cows. They have a picture of which level of cow that they are looking for. Also you can  buy hats for the cows. I though that this was silly at first, but I did end up buying a lot of them hats. If you buy one level of cows a hat, all of the future cows in that level get that hat…Also, if you recreate the world, all of the cows in the next world get the same hat, you don’t need to re-buy them. It is sort of a slow game at first, when enough points are accumulated you can get the cows to come every five seconds instead of every ten seconds. This one is very addicting too.

fun 2. Platypus Evolution – the object is to find two platypus that are the same and move them by each other, where they become one platypus that has changed. As the boxes fall you tap on them to get the platypus out. It is really addictive!!!

fun 1. Jewels Star – I started on classic, then tried mineral for a while, then I went back to classic. Mineral is good if I want to accomplish something, but all of the lower levels must be gone to keep playing. In classic if I am doing anything the game keeps going. Very addictive!!!


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