4/11/18 starting a new job…

Maggie went into work yesterday. She had had orientation the day before and was going to do some more training and also she was going to work in the kitchen. She was so excited going in. She had her hat,  work shirt and hair ties. She was ready. When I picked her up after she had worked for six hours she was smiling and her face was glowing. Maggie had had a good day. She said that she had made cookies all day long, along with watching training videos in the office. She said that she needed a pair of pants with pockets, and she wanted a haircut. Her hair is almost down to her waist. Its a lot of hair to try to keep up all day long. They had told her that she needed to memorize the menu. I should have thought of that and had her memorize it for the month between when she was hired and the day that she started working. But I didn’t think of it. I asked if we should take a picture of the drive thru menu for her to look at, Maggie said that she can find the menu online and will learn it from there. I am so relieved that her day went well, you never know when you send a child out into the world how it will work out.
After I picked up Maggie I got William and Beth from home. We had some relatives in town for a couple of days and we were all going over to moms house to see them. The relatives always stay with mom.
Beth is still looking for a job. She puts in one or two applications each day.


4/3/18 new jobs…

Maggie got a call about her job over the weekend. She was hired on the third of last month. They had asked her fill out paperwork on the computer at home. She repeated the web site name back to the gentleman, but when she tried it at home she couldn’t get in. He is not at that store every day so it took Maggie a few days to get in touch with him and get the correct web site name. After she filled out the information online she asked what I thought she should do with her check once she gets paid. Maggie doesn’t have any bills yet. I told her about saving, tithing and spending. My dad had said that it was good to live off of half of your pay. About a week later the man that hired her called back and said that there was more that she needed to fill out online. He said not to worry, she was hired and it did take this long. I had been worrying, I have never heard of it taking this long from the hiring to the start date. This set of paperwork had her tax forms and some history about herself like her graduation date. It also wanted her routing number for her bank account for direct deposit. Maggie didn’t have a bank account so she and I went to get her one. I was worried. The paperwork needs this number right now. The last time that I opened an account they said that they wouldn’t have the routing number for a week. Maggie needs this number now. When she was hired I should have taken her right to the bank to get an account, then when the number was needed she would already have it. I used to be so organized, looking at each project or event ahead of time and saying, what should I get ready for this so that it will run smoothly when we get to it. sorry…OK back to Maggie. When we got the account the lady that opened the account said that we could have the account number today. Cheer. Cheer. Woo Hoo. I should still be more organized, but it is good that this all worked out. We went home and Maggie finished all of the information that this online paperwork needed. When it was finished the computer had a message. It said something like, thank you for completing this, someone will be in touch with you to schedule orientation. That was over a week ago. Maggie has been waiting at the house playing Mine craft. She is building a city and has the streets and sidewalks done and has started on the buildings.
When she got the call to schedule orientation last weekend we were so excited. She has one interview shirt and has already worn it to two interviews there. Maggie has a lot of t-shirts from high school, but nothing dressy. She and I went and got her a new dress shirt. Maggie doesn’t want to drive so I will take her to her grandmas, my moms, in the morning and grandma will take her to and from work. I was really hoping that when Beth got her license and a car it would spur the other two into wanting to drive. It hasn’t. Her orientation was at ten this morning. I haven’t  found out yet how it went.
William and I are looking for a job for him. He doesn’t want to drive and gets so focused on what he is doing that he wouldn’t remember to go to work if he wasn’t taken there and dropped off at just the correct time to clock in. He does a good job at work and the bosses are happy with him, but he can’t get there on time without help.


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