12/28/17 interviews…

William didn’t get the job stocking shelves at night. They told him in the interview that they wanted someone with more experience. He has been putting in more applications. Last Saturday he put in an application at a local pizza place. He asked to see the hiring manager and was told that he would be in tomorrow at five. We went back the next day just after five. William had on his suit pants and dress shirt. He didn’t wear his tie or suit jacket. I never know what is acceptable for the kids to wear to interviews at fast food places. Everything says to dress up, but how dressed up should he be to make pizzas? William went back into the pizza place and asked for the hiring manager. When he came back to the car William said that he had an interview and it went well. William is not outgoing or talkative. He is bright, but in public, he is quiet. He is so quiet that he gives off the impression that he doesn’t care. I wish that we had a store that I had taken the kids into for years so that the staff knew them and they could all get first jobs there.
I went around the neighborhood and wrote down all of the names of companies that might have a second or third shift. William needs a company where the start time is at a time when I can drop him off. He does a great job once he clocks in, but he can’t remember to leave the house to get to a job on time. Also, if he walks to work it is difficult to get there at the appropriate time. If he is too early it upsets people and he can’t be late, then he would get fired. I had never thought about this. One day William and I were talking and he said that walking to interviews was incredibly hard. He never knew if lights were all going to turn red and hold him up or if there was going to be a lot of traffic. It is easy to be five or ten minutes early or late for an interview when he walks. I have been trying to drive him to interviews.


12/21/17 college…

Beth is starting school in January. She is excited. Last week she went to the college and found her class rooms and went to see what clubs were available. She got her books and some notebooks. I am so excited for her. She is going to take two classes. I said that she needs to join a club. The kids need friends at the campus to get through. It can’t be all classes and homework. Even if they join a study group, at least they would have friends on campus. She isn’t sure what she wants to major in.


12/11/17 Minecraft…

While Maggie is at home looking for a job she is building on Minecraft, making a castle. The castle was too tall for the game, there is an upper limit on how tall buildings can be, so she blasted down into the ground to start the base at a lower level. While doing this she came upon many caves, underground streams and lava. She built a lot of the castle then decided to start over. She is now building a city. First she put in streets. Then she was going to go to sidewalks. While building the streets Maggie asked me if I wanted a house built in her city. I was thrilled. She had a book of house styles, like tutor and colonial. I wanted a front porch so I picked a cabin. She built the house and furnished it. It was so sweet. Then Maggie went back to building streets.


12/7/17 interviewing and job applications…

William has had an interview at a grocery store to stock shelves at night. He has had about nine months of steady work experience, but was told that they were looking for someone with more experience. I wish that he would go back to school. There is a cleaning company right by us. It is so close and they work after the business has closed for the evening. William is a good worker and does a good job and has great attendance, but he can’t get to work on time. He gets too involved in what ever he is working on and forgets to go and do things. He had great attendance at his first job because he was dropped off at the door at the correct time to clock in. If he went to the cleaning place I would be able to get him there on time.
Maggie has been putting in a lot of job applications. She doesn’t want to drive so we are getting names of businesses that are on areas that her grandma would like to drive to every day. She has had a few interviews. It seems that for every thirty to forty applications she gets an interview and she is now very comfortable with interviewing. She longs to work and have something to do and have some money.


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