9/15/17 phone alarms, driving and movies…

I don’t write every day. I think about what to write every day, all day long, but never get around to writing. Yesterday I decided that I needed to do something different to make time to write. I set the alarm on my phone to ring at nine thirty each night. By that time all of the things that were needed to be done for the family would be done and I could write. I have never set the alarm on my phone. I couldn’t find the alarm at first, it was under clock. This was the first night to try it. I set it while Maggie was driving me around. She had wanted to go to the flee market to buy some movies. We went to two flee markets and they had both already closed. We ended up at the library and I got some movies. Maggie found some that she wanted but she knew that they were ones that I would never approve of, so I picked all of the movies. When we got home I put one in sort of as background noise while I made dinner. When my alarm went off it was so cool…I have heard my kids phones alarms go off, but now it was mine. The problem was I was in the middle of a good movie, do I finish the movie, cutting into my writing time or turn it off and write and then watch it later? Maggie wasn’t watching, being under general protest since she hadn’t picked out the movies and was filling out applications on the computer. William had looked at the movies when we brought them home and had said that he didn’t like any of them but was following along on this one, sort of standing in the next room, so he couldn’t be seen but could see the movie. Beth was on her phone with a friend. I didn’t want to turn it off because William was watching too and I can’t type and have a good movie in, or any movie in, all of them distract me so we finished the movie.
I am writing today. It feels good to write it down. If I don’t get it written down, all of the things that I want to write, I play them over and over in my head so I won’t forget them before there is a chance to get them written down. It is good to clear it all out and get it into the computer.
What distracts you? What do you do to prevent the distraction?


9/7/17 learning to drive and a learning list…

I have been having Maggie take me driving every night. She doesn’t love to drive so she never asks to drive. She needs a license. If mom can’t drive, Maggie would need to be able to get herself to work. Maggie is a pretty good driver, but she is new and she needs a lot more hours. I am comfortable enough when she drives that I can text people and not constantly point out curbs and telephone poles and red lights…she is able to pull the car into the drive and back to the garage, our house is very close to the neighbors and the drive goes between the houses and their gas meter is up against their house in the middle of the driveway (SMH). Maggie can pull in safely, but is not comfortable backing out. She is also not ready to pull the car into the garage. Someday…
Are there skills that every child needs to learn before they reach adulthood, or before they move out? Are some skills really not needed, like if they live right by work and there is a grocery store, and their church right there, then they wouldn’t need to drive. But should they learn to drive if they really don’t want to? Just to have the skill in case of emergency. Two of my kids say no, driving is not a skill that they want at this time. We went to Cedar Point and they all drove the old time cars, a little taste of driving and commanding their own vehicle, but it only sparked an interest in one of them.
When the kids were young I found a list on the internet of what a child should be able to do at what age and I taught from that list for years. I lost the list a few years ago and haven’t been able to find it to see if there was anything that was missed, besides being able to drive. If anyone finds it, please leave the link in the comments.
The list had things for really small children, like being able to hold silverware at a certain age and it had a lot of things for older kids. It had things like, being able to cook a simple meal from a cook book and eating with chop sticks, changing the oil and balancing a check book, making change and shopping for dinner items at the grocery store. I did skip the ones that I couldn’t do, like changing the oil, but we did go over checking the oil and adding more.
When the kids were young they wanted to learn every new skill, but as they got older there was more negotiation involved.


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