3/31/17 applications and posters…

Maggie and I went back to the stores where she got paper applications last week. She had filled them out but had problems with all of them and had done some crossing off on each one. She needed to start over. She also has three references now. Woo hoo! Getting references was a big deal for Maggie. When she is out of the house she is very shy. It was difficult for her to go to teachers to ask if they could be a reference. Maggie went to a small high school and had most of the teachers all four years and was liked by all of the teachers but was not going to ask them for a reference. I offered to drive her to school to ask them, she said no, I asked if she could call the school and leave a message for the teachers, she said no. Could she e-mail the teachers, no she said. She didn’t want to bother anyone, but she did want to get references. Eventually she decided to e-mail the teachers. They all said yes right away. It was a big relief to Maggie.  She is now ready to do some serious job hunting. She is going to fill out the applications tomorrow morning. She is ready to start a new chapter in her life. When Maggie got home from picking up the applications she went to her room. About an hour later she came down carrying a pile of National Geographic Magazines. She loves her National Geographic Magazines. She got them from a high school teacher years ago. She had brought them home and put a lot of the posters from the magazines from her walls. The posters stayed up until the cats kept jumping up and tried to take them down. Maggie said that she was done looking at them and needed them to go to Goodwill. Or maybe it was that she couldn’t sleep at night with the cats trying to take down all of her posters. She is getting rid of the old and making room for wherever God takes her next.


3/30/17 William’s surgery…

William had surgery today. We were to be at the hospital at seven thirty for surgery at nine thirty. William couldn’t eat or drink anything this morning so he got up about fifteen minutes before we were going to leave. When I got a look at his face under the hoodie, I noticed that he hadn’t showered last night. Really… we were leaving in five minutes for surgery and he was still greasy from work yesterday. He had been reminded to shower last night, but when the kids are adults, I don’t monitor them as close any more. I told William that he had two minutes to shower and dress. He took fifteen minutes. We got to the hospital on time. The lady at check in commented that we were early for surgery. I said that the doctor had asked us to come in at seven thirty for a nine thirty surgery. She said that the surgery was scheduled for twelve thirty. I’m glad that they moved the time and not the day. William and I said that it was OK and we would wait there and not go home and come back.

William napped and I watched TV and read a book while we waited. The receptionist said that there was a gift shop if wanted to spend some time there. William said no. After an hour or two he went to the car to sleep. I went to the gift shop. It was a nice walk and I didn’t get lost on the way there or the way back. Sometimes in hospitals, all of the hallways look the same, so it is easy to make a wrong turn and not realize it, or be able to find your way back.
 Eventually they paged us and William and I went back. He still likes me to go with him. He now answers most of the questions on his own, but he likes me there if he needs help. He wouldn’t let me take a picture of him in the hospital bed. He only likes his picture taken if he is doing something and looking helpful, not if he looks weak and in a hospital bed.
While he was in surgery, I couldn’t read any more. It is too difficult to concentrate and worry about the kids at the same time.
The surgery took about a half hour. The doctor came out and said that it went well. He thought that William should stay home tomorrow, Friday, so that the incision can heal before he goes back to work cleaning machines. Then, he will have Saturday and Sunday off too. William spent an hour in recovery. Then we went home.
We stopped at Burger King on the way home and got William a sandwich. We also stopped at Little Caesar and got pizza to take home. William was able to walk into the house on his own.
 He hasn’t been limping but he was babying that leg and was moving slowly. I do hope after this his leg hurts less. William is now laying on the couch watching a library video.


3/29/17 surgery tomorrow…

William’s surgery is outpatient. They are taking out a pin from his ankle. The doctor said that he would be able to walk out to the car when it was over and he would only need a local anesthesia and would be fine. I am still worried. We go in tomorrow. The doctor said that he would be in and out fast. When I talked to the hospital they said that the room was reserved for an hour and William would be in recovery for an hour.


3/25/17 applications…

Maggie and I went and picked up some paper applications for her. There were places that she couldn’t apply to online. As we went around the new areas Maggie wrote down the names of the new stores that she hadn’t applied to yet. Maggie is always sure that we should keep a lookout for zombies wherever we go.
Maggie has a lot of personality. She calls herself an introvert but she is more of an extrovert in small groups.


3/24/17 calling about the surgery…

The hospital called this week to give us the information about the surgery on the pins in William’s leg. We need to be there two hours early and William shouldn’t eat or drink from midnight on the night before. On Thursday the hospital had called and needed more information. We got home too late to call. Tonight I was going to call. Maggie had listened to the messages because someone had called and she thought that it was a someone calling about an interview. We had about thirty seven messages on the machine that we didn’t need but hadn’t erased, so I began to go through them to find the one that was needed when the phone rang. After the phone call I went onto something else and completely forgot to call the hospital. When I remembered to call the hospital it was after quitting time. Total panic. We had gotten the message last night that the hospital needed more information and now it was after five on Friday and they hadn’t been called back. Sometimes we can’t get home any earlier, and sometimes things are missed. Even important things like surgery calls. If they have to move the surgery because they didn’t get the information from me in time, I will feel so bad. I found the phone number and called the hospital. They said that the surgery was Tuesday. I thought that it was on Thursday. … the receptionist tried to find anyone to talk to me. I told her that it was OK. She said that if I called back on Monday every thing would be OK. It shouldn’t be a problem if things are sorted out next week. I am so relieved. We made a big note on the calendar to call the hospital on Monday.


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