5/31/16 temporary agencies and college…

William was accepted by the temporary agency. Yes I was worried. They had a lot of questions to answer and I know that he is happy not working until he finds the right job. He does want to work. I am not sure how he answered the questions. He must have answered them OK because they sent him forms to fill out. Woo hoo, cheer, cheer!!! One step closer to having William working.

Maggie got her official acceptance letter from the college today. It had a new list of things to do on it. I told Maggie that she needed to handle the list. She needs to be part of the process. I will still be going to the university to ask the questions too just to be sure that she is OK. She is still struggling to pass high school. I wasn’t sure if she should handle the new list, it had items like, sign up for orientation and have your high school transfer your grades to the college, or if I should handle the list and let her concentrate on her classes. In the end I had her handle the new items too, I said that I am here if she needs anything.


5/30/16 pretest, meetings and break…

William’s e-mail still isn’t working so he had the employment agency send the test to my e-mail. He took the test, but when he was done it was too late to call them. He can call tomorrow.
I need to ask Maggie how her meeting with the entrepreneurship teacher went. Did he open up the first test? She joined the class late and missed the first test. She needs to take this test and pass it to be able to pass the class.
Beth has break next week. I emailed her math teacher to ask if Beth can do assessments in math over the break. Her math is online. After either ten hours or so many topics, the computer gives them a test or assessment to see of they understand the work. The assessments can only be done at school. Then if the kids are having someone else do their math at home, the teachers can see the students work on the tests. This makes sense, but Beth is very far behind. She needs the whole spring break to catch up. If the computer stops her after ten hours, the rest of the break would be wasted. I am not trying to take away her break, I just want her to pass math.


5/29/16 senior trip and passports…

I went to Maggie’s senior class parents meeting today. The leader wanted to know if the kids and their families still wanted to go on the senior trip to the Caribbean/Bahamas. No one said yes or no. She said that not enough people were participating in the fund raisers. Only eight of the thirty-three families are participating. It doesn’t look like that kids will be going on this trip, but they haven’t cancelled it either.
I don’t think that Maggie will be upset if her class doesn’t go on the cruse. She will be thrilled if they go somewhere. She would like to go to Cedar Point.
Did your senior class go on a senior trip?


5/28/16 math class, passports and ID’s…

Good news! Today Maggie’s math teacher opened up all of the old math tests for her to complete. He told her that if there was any that she couldn’t remember how to do to please stop and ask him for help. Woo-hoo!!! She will need to pass all of these tests to pass the class. We are so happy that they are opened.
We got Maggie’s state ID today. She needed one to get her passport. The passport place closes at three so we will go tomorrow. Her senior class is trying to decide if they want to take a cruse for their senior trip. If they do, they may all need  passports. We have decided to get the passport while they are deciding if they want to go on the trip. Passports take a while to get and we don’t want Maggie to not be able to go if they decide at the last minute and she can’t get hers in time.
I want to get Beth a State ID. She doesn’t need one but she is 17 and doesn’t have a drivers license. If we ever need an ID for her, she will already haven one. She will be so happy, it will make her feel so grown up.
How old were you when you got your drivers license?


5/27/16 classes, resumes and old tests…

Maggie tried to apply at the college for her major but the computer wouldn’t let her. She called admissions, they said that because she has applied to the University as undecided she can’t add her major online. They added her major over the phone, and they said to go in in a few days and sign up for orientation.
William called the employment agency today to check on the application that he sent in on Friday. They didn’t have it. They said that he had to use outlook instead of chrome so there computer can see it. He tried to re-enter his resume using chrome but the computer wouldn’t take it. William called the agency again and they took his information over the phone. They will e-mail him a questionnaire to fill out and send back. After that William can talk to them about jobs.
Maggie’s teachers from her two classes that she had added have not opened up the work on the computer that was given before Maggie was officially in their classes. Yesterday Maggie was to talk to the math teacher but she didn’t feel well so she didn’t ask him if he could open up the old tests. She had a meeting at 3:30 today with the entrepreneurship teacher to take the first test. If Maggie can’t take all of these old tests she won’t pass these classes and she will not graduate from high school. When I got there I sent her back in so that she could make a new appointment. The professor was in his office.
When Maggie got her class schedule fixed, we had all hoped that everything was fixed. We are still hyperventilating.


5/26/16 crochet cont. …

Continued from 5/25/16.

After a while we had a lot of granny squares, I made baby blankets for cousin’s baby shower’s and a large blanket for my mom and for each of my kids, and one for the neighbors wedding gift. We still had a lot of granny squares. Now I make the granny squares into baby bonnets. It takes five squares, three around the sides, one for the top and one folded in half attached to the front so that it is over the forehead. Then the strings are added. These baby hats have used up a lot of my granny squares, I’m so happy about that.

Now I am making hats for older people. Most hats are larger on the bottom and get smaller as they go up. I can’t make these. The counting and remembering where I am is too much for me. My sister figured out a simpler way to make a hat. She crochets a square or rectangle depending on how she wants the finished hat to look. Then she brings one side over to the other to make a tube and sew these two sides together. Next close up the top, I like making hats with three points on the top, three is one of Gods numbers, so the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are there watching over whoever wears the hat. Then last, roll up the bottom of the hat. My hats do look like hats woo hoo. My sister can carry many colors up the side of her hats and make some awesome hats, I am still learning how to carry the other colors up the side. crochet

Do you have a hobby? Who taught you? Why is this hobby your first choice?


5/25/16 crochet…

My new hobby is crocheting. When I was young everyone that I knew knitted, so I tried to knit. I always pulled the yarn too tight so it was difficult to get the knitting needle into the next stitch. I remember knitting for a while and then looking back to what I had knitted and seeing that a stitch had been missed. So I would try to take out all of the stitches back to the missed one. This was very difficult since my stitches had usually gone through the yarn instead of going in the space between the yarns. So pulling out stitches was time consuming. I did sort of like the idea of making something, and having only yarn and two needles to keep track of, unlike needlepoint needing all of those colors of floss or quilt making..we tried to make a lot of quilts when we were kids…knitting had something that I liked, and some things that I didn’t like.

Years later I saw someone crocheting. It looked like fun so I got a book and a crochet hook and decided to teach myself. This didn’t work. The directions in the book confused me. I read the instructions and followed the pictures and still couldn’t figure it out. The lady that I had seen made it look so easy. We live by a Hobby Lobby craft store. They sell yarn so I called and asked if they had any classes. My goal was to be able to make granny squares, that was the only thing that I wanted to learn. I took the class and was very happy. The teacher did also teach how to read the directions in crochet books, I learned how to read the crochet directions, but soon forgot it because learning to make granny squares was my only goal. The reason that I picked granny squares is because they are so repetitive and can be made even by a beginner without looking at your hands. If I made granny squares, then I could crochet at the same time that I watched the kids. We are not in the best neighborhood so when the kids went outside to play I always went out with them. If they were in the front yard, I was in the front yard, if they were in the backyard, I was in the backyard. I didn’t disturb their play time with their friends, but I was there. This is a lot of time for me to just sit around, crocheting helped to fill in some of this free time. crochet2

Do you have a hobby?


5/24/16 library movies…

Choosing movies for the kids has become much more difficult since the kids are older. When they were young, they hadn’t seen any movies, so any Walt Disney type movie that I brought home was a good choice according to the kids. The kids also got library cards and sometimes we would go to four libraries and check out movies at each one. We only did this on weekends when the weather was really bad and we couldn’t go out to play. Now that the kids are older they don’t like any of my choices. My solutions has been to always take one of the kids with me when we get movies. I do like to get a PBS type movie or two, but the kids pick out the rest of them. They choose the movies and I OK the movies. It has worked out well. The kids are watching the movies again. Sometimes we do get a movie that is different than how it is described on the back of the movie and I take it out of the VCR as soon as I figure this out, but mostly we get to watch all of the movies that we bring home.
What do you watch with your kids? How do you choose?


5/23/16 the TV…

We love library movies. When the kids were little they used to watch PBS and library movies, the other stations had shows that were sometimes OK, but the commercials could be for shows that came on later in the day or even in the evening. It became such a problem that eventually I said they could watch PBS or movies. They whimpered for a short while, but we have some movies and we go to the library for more a lot, so they eventually found that their choices were not that limited. When we all had to get the box for the TV a couple of years ago to keep the TVs working, we got one for each TV. Ours never worked right. We couldn’t get the five stations that we used to get and the ones that we did get faded in and out. We watched PBS now and then, they have some really good shows, but eventually the box died. I thought about not replacing it, but I didn’t want our family to be completely disconnected from the world. I also thought about buying a new TV. The new ones have this new technology, but I decided that just on principal I wouldn’t buy a new TV. If they came up with another new technology that we all had to buy next year, I wasn’t going to buy a new TV next year too. I often wondered if the kids felt like outsiders at school because they couldn’t talk about the latest shows with their friends. They said no, it hadn’t effected them much. They just said to their friends that they don’t watch TV but we watch a lot of library movies, then they go on with their conversation. We do turn on the TV for New Years Eve and sometimes for the Country Music Awards and if there is a large natural disaster on the world, but mostly we just watch movies. I do miss the local and World news, but sometimes go to their web sites and watch. It is a day old, but it is all still new to me.


5/22/16 pictures of the kids…

We need to have more old pictures of the kids on the fridge. My kids are all older and like seeing pictures of our family when they were young. My first thought was to get some frames and put them on the wall going up the stairs. My plan was that now and then I would put different pictures in the frames. The problem was that I bought cheep frames and the first time that we tried to put new pictures into the frames, the frames started to crack. So… the original pictures have stayed in those frames. We still wanted to see new pictures all of the time so now we have new pictures on the fridge. Our fridge does have so many magnets that the pictures don’t stand out, it all needs rearranged. I do take a huge number of pictures so there are a lot to choose from…well we have a lot to choose from of the pictures when the kids were young. Since I have gotten a digital camera and started taking pictures on my phone, I don’t get them developed at all. A friend told me that Snapfish has great deals for developing pictures and Walmart has some deals too, but I haven’t tried them yet. We have the memory cards from a few different cameras and I am worried that the pictures will fade before we get them developed. So…we only have pictures of the kids from when thy were young.

Do you use a digital camera. Where do you get them developed? Where do you have the pictures that you have gotten developed?


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