7/14/13 written Thursday 7/11/13 this weekend…

This is going to be a busy weekend. This is an Emmaus weekend. It will be nice to volunteer. I usually only make it to events about every two years, but this year I added the events to our calendar. Also William wants a hair cut and we have the normal weekend jobs around the house to do.


Saturday 7/13/13 Emmaus…

It has been a busy weekend. There is an Emmaus Walk this weekend. I am not on the team, but have gone in to volunteer. This year I have put the dates for Emmaus on my calendar, instead of relaying on my going into the web site now and then to see the dates. This is working out a lot better. I did miss the last walk completely. It was on my calendar, but it didn’t work with our schedule.


Wednesday 7/10/13 day 191/366 rain, our first video…

It has stopped raining. I think that it has rained for two weeks. The next week should be dry. It will give my yard a chance to dry out.

There was a big storm today. Here are some clouds from after the storm.
This is our first video! I am so excited. We were going to try a video tomorrow, But William wanted to try it tonight. He was quietly excited. If this works out we can add more.


Monday 7/8/13 cats, garage sale, e-mail contacts and camping…

The cats are getting along better. They have stopped hissing at each other.  Stella follows Mandy around hoping to play. She bats at Mandy’s tail or paws. Mandy plays more now, but not as much as Stella would like.
Yesterday I had a lot to say…today I can’t think of anything.
We had a garage sale over the weekend. Everything that didn’t sell needs to go to the Goodwill. The sale was fun, but not productive
About twice a year, I print off all of my e-mail contacts. My computer has crashed and we have lost everything. It is nice to have a back-up. I need to put all of the phone numbers in my phone into a book and update that after each new number. The kids update their phone list often, I should get into the habit of doing this too.
We need to set up our next camping trip. We feel confident enough to go again. We had a great time on the last trip and learned a lot of good lessons. Hopefully William will go with us. It would be fun to try a different camp ground.


Sunday 7/7/13 Day 188/366 fridge update, reading manuals…

The kids have updated the fridge with their magnets. They have built Spider man a house and have added his cat and a butterfly.

   I will need to get some more magnets and add something to this.
I have been looking a lot lately at the things that bother me. The things that frustrate me the most always seem to be the things that I could fix. We have a new answering machine and it isn’t set up. It will record calls, but the date and other features are not set up. I have a new cell phone. My kids say that I have finally entered into this century. I can call and text on it, but it is largely a mystery. Every time that I try to do anything, the phone calls someone. Everyone is getting tired of me telling them that I am sorry that I called, but the phone is new and calls people when I do anything. This weekend we had some free time while we were waiting for the fireworks to start. I have read some of the cell phones manual and have now stopped calling everyone. Thank you everyone for your understanding. We need to set up the phone next.
I guess this goes under the category of taking stock of my life now and then. I tend to be very happy just drifting along until I realize one day that I am in a totally different place than I wanted to be. I’m not doing bad things, just doing things that aren’t part of God’s plan for me. We had two talks at church in the beginning of this year. One said to go home and figure out where God was leading you, see if where you were headed that may not be His choice for you. Then decide how to get to where He wanted you to be. I did this and found out where the better directions for me were. The second talk said to look at what scares you and to figure out why you are scared of it. I haven’t done that one yet. I think that it would really help to face my fears and to get past them…but I am scared to even look at my fears. I know that this is wrong, because when I do face problems, the solutions are almost always easier than I had imagined them to be. Maybe I will look at my fears this week.. 


Tuesday 7/2/13 fridge art, basement sorting and asthma…

Our fridge had a smile on it today. I thought that it was funny. The kids weren’t amused. They are too old for smiling fridges.

We started sorting out the basement again. Every time that we sort it does look better, but we never seem to finish it. I try to look at everything and say, will I need this soon. Too many times the answer is yes.

William is done with allergy shots. Cheer, cheer, cheer!!! We are so excited. He has been getting shots for years. It has really helped his asthma. He still will need to go in for checkups a couple of times a year, but he won’t need to get shots twice a week any more.


Monday 7/1/13 new kitty…

We got a new kitty on Wednesday 6/19/13. The lady that we got her from had all of the kittens in a room with toys and boxes to play in. Maggie, Beth and I went to pick her up. She is a short haired gray and white cat. The lady said that she didn’t have much time to play with the cats, so we would need to do that. Our kitty was all claws and fire. We chose her because she was the only short haired cat. William has asthma so a short haired cat would be better. On the way home Beth held her. We needed to name her. All of the names that we had decided on the day before didn’t fit her. We tossed up a lot of names. As we got closer to the house I started saying business names “how about Marathon, or McDonald’s.” We named her Stella.

When we got home we introduced her to William, and showed her the food and kitty litter. Then we took her to meet our first cat, Mandy. They hissed at each other. Mandy looked so upset, like she had been betrayed. I didn’t know that cats could give the evil eye to people. We tried to explain that Stella would be a friend, but Mandy wasn’t buying it. She sulked away and refused to be petted that day. Beth took Stella to her room so that she could adjust slowly to us. I think that Stella will be a good member of our family.


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