5/31/13 written Saturday 4.27.13 tent…

We went outside to put up the tent. Beth had homework and stayed in the house. William, Maggie and I took the tent outside. We figured out that the first two poles that were assembeled were not part of the frame of the main tent, but part of the two side rooms. That made a big difference. Most of the poles we could figure out from the directions where they went, some took more looking to find sleves that were the correct length to put them into. William always does a safety test on everything for us. The tent is no differet. When it was assembeled William went outside of the tent to hold the poles and he called out “earthquake” and then he shook the tent. I am happy to report that the tent withstood the shaking and is safe for us to use. As soon as school is out, we can go camping.


5/30/13 written Thursday 4.25.13 parent meeting, bake sale and prom…

There is a parent meeting tonight at Maggie’s school. The meeting starts at five thirty and Beth’s club gets out at five thirty. Beth will need to be driven home and then I can go to the meeting.
Maggie is making brownies for a school bake sale tomorrow. She is going to make them after I get home tonight. We also need to clean tonight. The boy that is going to Prom with Beth is coming over tomorrow with his mom and maybe his dad to meet us and to see Beth’s dress. His mom needs to see the color of her dress to get the correct color tie. This is a good time to panic. Is her dress too short? Is wrong that it is strapless? Should we scrub the corners in the basement?


Sunday 6/29/08 computer programs and homework…

We finally have William’s computer hooked up in his room. The computer program C++ is on the computer…we think it is on the computer correctly. He tried to run a program from his class, but the program was written so that it had to go to other, previously written pieces of program…and those other programs aren’t there because the class is over. We need to have William write a program from his C++ book, that doesn’t need any other lines of programming except for what he puts in now. Then we can see if it is set up.
Maggie and Beth have decided to start their summer homework. They were sitting on the couch with their books deciding where to start last week. In all of the past years, I have kept the books and given one page of homework each day. The page has homework on both sides. I have them do half of one side each day. I only want the homework to help them to get back into school easier, not to have them do homework all day. We don’t finish the whole book in the summer, but that doesn’t bother me.


5/29/13 written Friday 4.18.13 tent…

We tried to put the tent up tonight. We got home and had dinner. The kids wanted to have the smores first so that we wouldn’t be too tired and not make them. The smores were fun. Some people choose to burn every marshmallow, and some choose to cook them to a golden brown…everyone’s different. Then we started the tent. The directions were not very clear and it was already late. This tent is bigger than the floor space in our living room, and when it is assembled and it is six feet tall…so without the poles in it, the tent material looked massive in our living room. We put the poles in and the tent bottom hovered two feet off of the floor. We re-read the directions and tried again and it wasn’t any better. Also, when this tent was assembled, it was wider than the floor space so two legs needed to be on the couch…which didn’t help the problem of the floor of the tent floating, or help us to get around the tent to correct the problem…and it was getting later at night…so we put the tent away and decided to try it again outside. The smores were a happy memory, but I don’t think that the tent assembly was.


5/28/13 written Thursday 4.18.13 tent, math and tests…

We are going to put up our tent tomorrow. We are going to make s’mores when we are done. The weather is so nice today. I wish that we could go camping this weekend.
Beth has started doing her math homework on the computer again. We were having problems, the websites wouldn’t load.
Maggie needs to take a test for school next week at the college, it must be outside of the normal school day because she was telling me that we need to schedule it.


5/27/13 written Monday 4.15.13 Boston…tents…

Today two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. At least three people were killed. They say that it looks like a terrorist attack. It is so hard to believe, things like this don’t happen in the US. We have such an unnoticed peace. We have a peaceful country and have few restrictions. When this happens, I am just shaken. How do we defend our kids? Where is it safe to be? I am glad that God watches over us. He can be every where at once.
We bough a new tent today!!! It is a six to seven man tent with three rooms. I found it on Craig’s list and it was being sold by a resale shop by my house. We can put it together in the living room. We will need to check the measurements to see if it will fit in the living room.


5/26/13 new posts…

I just added posts from 6/8/08 thru 6/30/08 to this blog if anyone wants to see them. I will add more old posts when I can. Thanks for following along on our adventures…


5/26/13 written Monday 4.8.13 the tent…

Beth put the tent away last night. The living room seems so large. It is like at Christmas time when the tree is put away and the room is huge for a week. I don’t think that the tent will work. It is a four person tent and we have four people to go in it. We really need a bigger tent. It is large enough for us, but we won’t be able to put anything in the tent with us at night. We can’t go camping until all of the kids are out of school, so we still have some time.


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