11.29.12 written Monday 10.8.12 winter jackets and Avon…

We are going to go out today to get Beth a winter jacket. Her jacket from last year is too small. Maggie’s and Williams jackets still fit.
It was cold out this morning. Beth needs a jacket that will fit into her locker.
When I picked up my Avon order at the mail drop-off company that I have it delivered to, the owner asked if I wanted to leave any brochures on his counter. He said that he and his wife would try some samples. I took in ten catalogs and seven samples for them to try. The next order will come in, in about two weeks. When I go back to pick up my next order, I can put the new catalogs on the counter. Right now my mom is my only customer. It would be great to have a second customer.


11.28.12 written Thursday 10.4.12 skateboards and allergy shots…

Maggie took her skateboard to school today. I was worried because she had only practiced over the weekend. She did OK. The bus drops her off at the college on the opposite side from her class. She has to run to class to get there on time. The skateboard will work until it snows.
William got his last allergy shot today!!!
All of the leaves started changing colors last weekend.


11.26.12 written Tuesday 9.25.12 selling Avon…

I have started selling Avon.My older sister has been selling Avon for about a year and really likes it. I had always thought that it was only jewelry and make-up. I don’t wear jewelry or make-up, so I didn’t think that it would be a good choice for me. But I have found out that Avon has hand lotions, clothes, decorations and lots more. Selling Avon is exciting and will help to fill up the day when the kids are older.
We have been trying the Avon samples. I like the Frizz Control for my hair.
Mom was my first customer. It is comforting to know that she is there for me.
Last weekend I went to a neighborhood and put Avon catalogs on peoples doors. The houses were a little too far apart so I only gave out twenty catalogs in an hour. I may pick a different neighborhood for the next catalog. Each time I leave catalogs in a neighborhood, I highlight that street on my map, then different streets can be done each week.
If you would like to sell Avon ask me how you can reach your financial goals, whether it’s supplementing your income or gaining financial independence, by starting your own AVON business for just $10! Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or would like to sign up!!!


11.25.12 written Tuesday 8.14.12 a new cat…

We just got a cat. Her name is Mandy. She is about three years old and is many colors. She has a white bib and is very sweet. She comes out to play at about 8:30 at night. I was thinking about getting a second cat so that she would not be alone at the house all day, but we don’t sleep now with her running around and we are just about to have school start, so I decided to wait on getting another cat. We got her from our neighbors who live across the street.


Saturday 11.24.12 – written 8.14.12 starting school…

Maggie is at school for standardized testing today. She has two days of orientation and then school starts on Thursday. She was ready to go back. I am volunteering this morning. I need ten hours of volunteer time a year at her school.
William was in school this summer. Beth volunteered at her school all summer. She starts ”school” on the 28th. They have a week of school projects then classes start on the fourth.


Thursday 11/22/12 Happy Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
We will be having Thanksgiving soon. Before we eat, we have a newer tradition of writing what we are thankful for on a piece of fabric. It is musslin. I don’t think that the type of fabric matters, but ours is musslin. The material is about three yards long, so that we can use it for a long time. We put newspsper under it so that the permanent marker that we write with won’t bleed through to the table under the material. Each person writes what they are thankful for this year and puts their name and the date. This last year my brother passed away. We have his thankfullness from previous years…The table will seem emptier this year.
We do have so many things that we are thankful for. We have settled into a new church, my youngest child has turned sixteen years old, we have a new cat that has really taken her place in the family, everyone is healthy…the list could go on and on. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gobble…Gobble…


Tuesday 11/20/12 college day…

Maggie and I went to college day at a local high school tonight. Her school had college day a few months ago, but she had evening classes that day and couldn’t go. It was fun. She had to find three colleges that offered her major and she needs to fill out a work sheet and write a one page paper on the colleges. We had to stay at the fair for an hour and a half. We thought that the hour and a half time frame was a suggestion, but after we got all of the information that Maggie needed and got in the car and drove a block away, Maggie looked at the form and saw that she needed a sign-out signature as well as a sign-in signature. So…we went back, found another parking place, and went back in the college fair. They had other booths besides the colleges, They had an organ donor information table, some tables on getting scholarships, the school had tables of school shirts for sale, and there were bake goods for sale. We wondered around until we could get the final signature.


11-1-12 written wednesday 7.18.12 summer school and mission trips…

The kids finished school last year. Maggie had to take English in summer school. Summer school started a week before their mission trip for church. She had enough done in the class that the teacher let her have the week off to go on the trip.
There were thirty-two kids and seven adults on the trip. They took two vans and an SUV. One of the vans pulled a trailer that had their luggage and supplies for the vacation Bible school in it.


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