2/28/12 written Sunday 2/26/12 cont. snow and names…

It snowed last week sort of heavy, with big flakes. Then it rained. A few days later it snowed with small light flakes that never made it to the ground. There was a light breese that blew them all around. Between the two snows we had about an inch of snow. It must have rained last night, the snow is all gone. It is the end of February and we haven’t had a good snow yet. we shoveled once this year. We have had a decent amount of rain.

We were working on names for our Blog last night. Here are some that we thought of but didn’t like: “is this a bad haircut?”, “We found the remote” and “I’m texting your dog”. Then it all broke down into all silliness.


2/27/12 written Sunday 2/26/12 Bible covers and backpacks on wheels…

We got Maggie’s Bible cover and backpack. What a relief. She has a very large Bible so we took it with us to find a cover. My advice was to get a cover with a handle and a pocket. We found a store that has a few choices and good prices. Maggie went through the choices, unzipping them to see if her Bible would fit. She found one that she liked. It has an outer pocket, a handle and a place for two pens. She was very happy to have found a Bible cover.

We went to another store to get a backpack on wheels. We found a large duffel bag on wheels. It is as big as her current backpack. She opened it up to make sure that all of her things would fit in it. She tried all of the zippers and the arm that pulls out when it is being rolled. Maggie made her choice of colors, blue, and we took the bag home.

When we got home, Maggie moved all of her things to the new backpack so she could use it the next day.


2/26/12 written Sunday 2/26/12 s’mores…

We made s’mores last night. Beth didn’t want to make any. Maggie heated up her marshmallow in the microwave. She said that it would take less time and leave less of a carbon footprint. William and I got sticks from the backyard and toasted the marshmallows over the flame on the stove. William whittled a few sticks so that they had points. It smelled like camping in the kitchen. I said that we should all get our sleeping bags and sleep in the living room. The kids said that if they were ten years old, that would be fun. Toasting a marshmallow takes a lot of skill. It was hard to get one to toast and not burn. Beth did come in later and toast a marshmallow over the stove.


2/24/12 written Wednesday 2/22/12 Ash Wednesday, snow drops and backpacks…

Today is Ash Wednesday. Our new church doesn’t have an Ash Wednesday service. On a normal Sunday they have four almost full services. If they had an Ash Wednesday service, they would need to have it four times. I understand, but I still miss the service. Maybe next year we can find a church to go to for Ash Wednesday.

The girls are at Bible study tonight.

Our snowdrop flowers have sprouted, and are blooming in the front yard. They are very pretty. The ones in the backyard and side yards haven’t sprouted yet.

Maggie needs a new backpack and a Bible cover. We are going shopping for them this weekend. Her backpack is still good, but she has to carry so many things to school that it is too heavy. She has wanted a backpack with wheels for a long time, but all of the ones on wheels are small backpacks. A friend of hers at school has a suitcase on wheels that he uses. It seems to be OK at her school, no-one makes fun of him, so Maggie feels comfortable getting one. She is very excited. She will only need to pick it up to get it in and out of the house and car and up and down the stairs at school.

We have been looking for a Bible cover, but her Bible is so big that we haven’t found one so far that will fit. We will look again this weekend.


2/23/12 written Sunday 2/19/12 cont. household jobs, no chickens and driving tests…

The kids have switched household jobs. Maggie is now on break, Beth has the dishes and William has laundry.

This spring we are not going to get any chickens. We had chickens last year, and after about a year we gave them to a friend. It was a nice learning experience, but I need to be in the house right now. We still have the chicken coop, so we can get more chickens another time.

Maggie had mentioned last week that she was ready to learn to drive. I found on the website what paperwork we needed to take in for her to take the written driving test. I am excited. I think that she will enjoy driving. When I told Maggie what paperwork was needed to take in and that we could go next weekend, she looked panicked. Maggie said that she couldn’t study for the driving test now since she has a big paper due this month. She said that she will let me know when she is ready.


2/22/12 written Sunday 2/19/12 pop bottle rockets, exercising and volunteering…

Maggie made a second rocket out of a two litter bottle for science class. She used more tape on the four fins and taped a paper plate onto the bottom of the bottle, which when shot is now the top. The top needed more weight. The changes worked. Her rocket shot up this time instead of to the side. She was very pleased with it.

I have started exercising. I have a friend who was talking about wanting to exercise, so we are both going to exercise each day and check in with each other. We are both trying not to be the first one to drop out.

I volunteered at a retreat at church this weekend. It was fun to serve. There were a lot of friends there that I usually don’t get to see.


2/21/12 written Wednesday 2/15/12 cont. pop bottle rockets…

Maggie is trying to build a rocket out of an empty two liter bottle, for a school project. She taped four cardboard fins to the bottle and took it to school. They were launched in science class today. The goal was for the bottle rocket to shoot straight up. Maggies went off to the side. She got a new two litter bottle from her grandma today. The school will be launching rockets again tomorrow, so the kids have a chance to re-design their rockets. Maggie says that she needs to have a heavier cap. She is going to tape the four old fins onto the new bottle. She wants to make a heavier cap by taping a paper plate to the lid. She said that two kid’s rockets flew up, everyone elses went to the side.


2/20/12 written Wednesday 2/15/12 cont. Beth is an Atheist…

Beth is an Atheist. She doesn’t have beliefs in religion. I am not sure where the edges of her beliefs are, but she is sure that she doesn’t want to be baptized. Our new church baptizes people as adults. The church that we now go to has a Sunday night concert for junior high and high school kids. Beth did want to go to that, it is more loud music…Christian music, but loud music…than preaching. When Maggie decided to join the Bible study, Beth said “No”, it was not for her. That is OK with me. She should only go if it is something that she wants to do. At the Sunday night concerts, one of the girls started talking to Beth and invited her to the Bible study. Beth’s is separate from Maggie’s, they are grouped by grade. Beth said that she would try it out. The first time that Beth went, I asked her to observe a little and not start out by telling them that they are all wrong. The friend said that it was OK if Beth was an atheist and the welcomed discussion and other points of view. Beth wasn’t happy after the first time that she went. She said that they were all wrong about everything, but she hadn’t said much because I had asked her to observe.

Beth decided to go back a second time. She was beginning to get to know the kids. The second week she did join into the discussion. She didn’t come out any happier. About two weeks ago she came out of Bible study and said that she was never going back. She is a teenager so she didn’t tell me any more than that. I didn’t ask why. I said that it was OK and I trusted her judgement. The next week she went back, not mentioning the prior week. When Beth was done she said that the kids had been happy to see that she had decided to come back. The next day one of the kids texted Beth and said, could she be Beth’s texting buddy and send her Bible verses every day and Beth could text her and tell her why each verse was all wrong and the girl said that it was OK with her to debate about the verses. Beth thought that this sounded fun. The friend is following through and sending the Bible verses. Beth texts her right back with how they are wrong. Last week Beth came out from Bible study and said that they had had a forty-five minute discussion where they had debated about Christianity, Beth had said how it was wrong. Beth said that she thought that she had won.

Last Sunday at the church concert one of the kids from her Bible study introduced her to a boy who had been an Atheist and was now a Christian. They talked for a while. He said that he had read a book that had really helped him to become a Christian. I don’t know the name of the book. I will share it when Beth finds out the title. The boy asked Beth if he brought in the book , would she read it? She said yes. Maybe he will have the book next week. I am hoping that little by little God is working in Beth’s heart, through all of these people so that Beth can become a believer.


2/19/12 written Wednesday 2/15/12 yearbooks, candy bars and Valentines Day…

Maggie’s school is pre-selling yearbooks. She is taking in the money tomorrow. She will keep the receipt. In junior high one year, they didn’t record that she had paid for a yearbook and they didn’t have any extras. Luckily we had the receipt, so Maggie did get one. Beth’s school hasn’t said anything about yearbooks yet.

The girls and I are selling candy bars to pay for the girl’s mission trip to New Orleans this summer. Sales are going slowly, but we are still trying. We have a few more months to keep selling.

For Valentines Day yesterday, we bought pizza and watched “Lord of the Rings” while we ate. I know that it was a school night, but one night in front of the T.V. won’t hurt. Our church is having a retreat this weekend. I am not going on the retreat, but I am hoping to go Saturday night to help.


2/18/12 written Sunday 2/12/12 cont. vacuums and haircuts…

Our vacuum cleaner died. We vacuumed the house Saturday. The kids said that it didn’t sound good the last time that they used it. I had just finished the house when the motor started to get really loud. There is a vacuum cleaner shop down the street that we have used before. We have a lot of hair in our house, so we go through a lot of vacuums.

William and Beth got haircuts this weekend. William needed new tennis shoes too. Maggie was glad to stay home. She had a lot of homework to do this weekend. She has been working on the big paper that she has to write. Also, she has an empty two litter bottle that she is making into a rocket for science class. They have a lot of math to do for the rocket project, like figuring out how fast and far it will go. I think that they will go outside and launch them. I don’t know what other homework Maggie has.


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