Saturday 1/24/09 growing up…

Beth has lost a tooth. She now has about three loose teeth. Maggie is growing up a little. She can see when she should change what she is doing. William has day classes this semester. It is nice to have him at home in the evening.


1/14/09 I will Blog again…

Everything is OK, but I will not be Blogging for a while. I have some things at home that need to be done. Thank-you everyone that has visited the Blog. I enjoyed the writing. Blogs will be posted now and then, but not every day or even every week. I will start writing as soon as possible. God Bless all of you.


Tuesday 1/13/09 snow piles…

We went outside to play today. We have a big pile of snow (about three feet high) in the backyard. The kids took turns standing on it…falling off of it…sinking into it…sliding down it…and my favorite, pretending to be the Statue of Liberty on it. We got about three more inches of snow today. Tonight it may get really cold and snow a little bit.


Monday 1/12/09 igloos…

We went outside tonight. The neighbor kids came out to play. There was a pile of snow in our front yard that had been built-up from when we shoveled the driveway. The kids added to the snow, patted it down, and tried to dig out a igloo. They added some snow from the front yard, the back yard and some from across the street. Three kids started to dig out the inside, so the door was three kids wide. Then they took off one more side, and decided to add a window. I mentioned that if they took off all of the walls, the ceiling would fall down. They really hadn’t realized that. When we went inside, they still had one wall.


Monday 1/12/09 snow and school…

It snowed another four inches yesterday. Today should be clear, and then the snow returns tomorrow. We have shoveled, gone sledding and the kids had a snowball fight…I am ready for spring.
William has his first full week of classes this week. The books that he has for this quarter (semester?) are much lighter than last quarters were. I am glad about that.


Saturday 1/10/09 shoveling…

No one was sore from all of the sledding yesterday.
We had a busy day today. We matched up clothes for next week, and made sandwiches, took down the Christmas tree (the living room looks so much bigger now) and shoveled the sidewalk and the driveway. We had between five to eight inches of snow. After we went in, it was still snowing. They say that the snow will end tonight, but we will get more snow this next week. Usually, one snowfall melts before the next one comes in.


Friday 1/9/09 sledding…

We went sledding today. It had snowed all afternoon, dry, puffy flakes. It wasn’t great sledding at first, the kids needed to pack the snow down by going down the hill a lot of times. After a while the sledding was faster. There were a lot of kids on the hill…a lot to see and to look out for while going up and down the hill. Lots of kids makes it more interesting. We take extra gloves so the kids can change if the first pair gets wet.


Thursday 1/8/09 starting college and days off…

William started college today. When I picked him up and asked him how it went, he said ”OK”. He doesn’t give out a lot of information. He did get a book on programming Linux (I think that the spelling is correct). William was very excited about this. He wants to learn to program.
The girls have the day off tomorrow. It may be a teacher ”in-service”day. They got their toys ready to play tomorrow.
We went outside tonight. We shoveled our sidewalk, and the sidewalk at the house that doesn’t have anybody living in it. Then the girls played. One of the neighbor kids came out and played with them.


Wednesday 1/7/09 registering for classes…

William is registered for his classes and he also has the books. What a relief. I’m a mom, I worry. He starts school tomorrow. He still has notebooks and pens from last quarter (semester), so he didn’t need any supplies.
It was really slippery out today.
This weekend we need to take down the Christmas tree.


Tuesday 1/6/08 registering for classes…

William registered for classes today. He is really happy with his choices. They are all freshman classes like math and English. He will be done each day by four PM, so I am happy, no evening classes. He starts Thursday.
It snowed today at lunch. It was a pretty snow, light and fluffy. Just enough to cover the ground, but not enough to need to shovel.


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