Thursday 10/30/08 carving pumpkins…

We had a busy day. The girls and I carved pumpkins after dinner and picking William up from college. Beth started carving her pumpkin and named him “Bob”…but then she realized that the pumpkin looked more like a “Joe”. Maggie wanted to see the legal papers for the name change. I carved one for William. He is older now and doesn’t participate in everything any more. While we carved the pumpkins, the girls played in the seeds. It was a lot of gooey fun. Tomorrow, we get Halloween candy, and have dinner and trick-or-treat. Saturday, we have a dentist appt., and William’s birthday party. This has been a busy week.


Wednesday 10/29/08 church…

William didn’t have school today, so he stayed home. The girls and I went to church tonight. Usually on Wednesdays they have kids choir and dinner. But tonight, they had dinner and a slimefest. They must have invited all of the town, there were a lot of families there that I didn’t recognise. Maggie went as a witch and Beth was a princess. I usually take the pictures of the events, but they were short one person so I helped. I had the booth where the kids got pretzels and marshmallows and gum drops and they could make things out of them. The pretzels get pushed into the marshmallows and gum drops to build things. The kids built a lot of houses and letters…”L” and “T” were the favorite, and one child built a helicopter. In the end they can eat their creation, throw it away or take it home. We had fun.


Tuesday 10/28/08 cat slippers and runny noses…

Beth had her cat slippers on today. She found that if she pulled her pant legs over the top of the slippers, it looked like the cat had a hat on. Beth thought that this was a riot. I think that we may be making her cat slippers hats soon.
Maggie is getting over her cold. William, Beth and I are now sniffling.


Monday 10/27/08 Homework and Halloween…

William finished his paper this morning in the computer lab at school before class started…well…he said that he was only a few minutes late for class. He did a good job.
It is getting closer to Halloween, Maggie has the sniffles, Beth is starting to sniffle, William is even sniffling. They need to be healthy before Halloween. Sometimes it rains on Halloween.


Monday 10/27/08 library and college…

We spent a lot of time this weekend at the library and the college. Maggie needed more books, so we went to the library. While we were there we rented a lot of movies. William had a paper due so we went to the college so that he could type it…we are out of ink, or he could have typed it here. Beth loves to go to all of these places and see more people.
This week has a lot going on: William turns nineteen, the girls have school pictures, Halloween, the girls have a Halloween dance at school..there is probably more, but I can’t think of anything else.


Friday 10/24/08 snow shovels and Christmas cards…

We bought two more snow shovels today. The last time that we got shovels was when the kids were very young. So we have small shovels. Now, when it snows, we can all use a full size shovel.
We got out this years Christmas cards. One night I will put all of the addresses on them.Another night I will put our return address on them. I like to send them out right after we finish the Thanksgiving leftovers. If there is time I will add a short note about our family to each one. I write the same note on all of the cards. It would be difficult to think of new things to say in each of the cards, so they all get the same note. Last year the cards said…William is choosing a college, Maggie loves having a locker at school and Beth loves being the youngest. I am not sure what this years note will say.


Thursday 10/23/08 trips and winter jackets…

The girl’s school is talking about taking the kids on trips this year. They are talking about the sixth grade going to Washington DC and the sixth, seventh and eighth grade going somewhere else. Last year they had a meeting about the seniors going to New York City, but there weren’t enough kids that signed up, so they didn’t go. The girls are so excited about taking a trip with their class.
We are going to get winter jackets this weekend. We are all looking forward to it.


Wednesday 10/22/08 bike tires and ice skating…

We got Maggie’s bike back last week. The back tire had been bent when she went around a corner and hit a pothole. Maggie was OK but the bike tire was bent so that when she rode it the bike wobbled up and down like a clown’s bike. The bike place was able to bend it back into place. I hope that we can go bike riding again soon.
When it gets too cold to go bike riding, we will go back to ice skating. There is an ice skating rink by us. We need to have the kids check their skates and see who has outgrown theirs.


Tuesday 10/21/08 Bringing things home from storage…

We went to the storage unit to bring home the winter blankets and my winter clothes. We had hoped that the house would sell by now and we could unpack at the next house, but that hasn’t happened yet. We had kept the kids winter clothes at this house, only mine had gone to storage.
I took the blankets to the laundromat to wash them. They are too large for my machine at home.We don’t need more blankets yet, but it will be good to have them when it gets colder.
We brought the witch decoration home from storage too. It is one of those witches that looks like it ran into the house. It doesn’t seam like Halloween to me without the witch on the porch.We need to get some Halloween candy soon.


Monday 10/20/08 cutting the plants back for winter…

It is almost time to cut back all of the plants before winter. I don’t want to cut them back too soon, if it gets warm again, they will all try to re-grow. I really don’t want to cut them back twice.Because we have the house up for sale, we kept a lot of our bigger plants cut back this summer. This really made our yard look bigger. When we do cut all of the plants back, there won’t be as much to do.
The rose bush clippings that we planted are doing OK. We planted seven cuttings: one sprouted, five are still green, but haven’t sent out any shoots, and one died. I hope that they make it through the winter.


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