Tuesday 4/29/08 the neighbors are moving too…kids in the neighborhood…and Williams first program…

My neighbors that we share a drive with are moving too. He was transferred north, too far to commute. They will move as soon as school is over. I am hoping to move first, but since the house isn’t listed yet, moving first becomes less possible each day.
The girls and I went outside after dinner. They love to play with the neighbors. There are twelve kids in this neighborhood. William wrote his first program today. He looked so pleased.


Monday 4/28/08 painting…

Almost all of the painting is done now. The front porch still needs finished. It is raining now. If it stops raining tonight, then I can finish the painting on Wednesday. The kids will be glad to get back outside tomorrow. I would like to list the house this week, but the paint will not be dry that fast.The kids keep talking about the colors that they want to paint their new rooms and how they want them set up.


Thursday 4/28/08 Shopping for summer clothes and visiting a large college…

The kids and I went shopping tonight and bought the kids their summer outfits. We needed to get there before the stores get out their winter clothes. I wish that the stores would keep their clothes for each season out longer. I never can remember when they change to the next season. Or…maybe if they could leave out the summer clothes all summer, then If the kids grow late in the year, I could get them replacement clothes.
We are going to see another college on Saturday. The last trip was to a small college. This one is a large college. Then we will go to some medium ones…until William picks a school. I hope that this trip goes well. They said to get there early to find a parking place.


Sunday 4/27/08 college visit

We visited the college on Saturday. All that I knew was that it had a football team and that it was a large college. I did want William to see a large college, but I wasn’t sure of how much education he would get there. It ended up being a worthwhile trip. The college has a lot of things for the students, like co-ops and internships and research starting the sophomore year. At the first school, William knew right away that it was too small for him. He looked more at home on this campus. The tour had other families in it, and William tried to stay close enough to the tour guide to hear about the school. When we left he read all of the paperwork in the welcome package. He said that he would like to go to a larger school, but he does want to see some medium sized colleges too.


Tuesday 4/21/08 spring plants, moving the gas meter…

I have a lot of plants sprouting up all over the yard. I plant a lot of perennials. It is always so refreshing to see them start to sprout as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. I do get some annuals for the two front flower pots.I like blue and purple flowers.
My yard isn’t too ripped up from the moving of the gas meter this winter. I need to get a little dirt to fill in a few low spots, and some grass seed. Then the yard will look like new.


Monday 4/21/08 Dentist appt, orthodontist, visiting a college…and moving

The kids went to the dentist on Saturday. They needed check-ups. Maggie and Beth need braces. I will make an appt at the orthodontist to get that started. The kids didn’t have any cavities. They said that we should be brushing for three minutes, and the girls are old enough to floss each day now.
We will be going to another college on Saturday. We are very excited about all this traveling.
We are almost ready to put the house up for sale. I need to paint the front steps…as soon as it stops raining… and pack a few things in the basement. The kids are excited to move. We still need to pack their things.


Wednesday 4/16/08 Programming class on-line…

William had his first programming class on-line tonight. It went great!!! I could hear him say ”I knew that…” as he read the work. The class has the reading on-line and then a quiz. I guess the actual programming will start later. He looked so happy. The next chapter will be released on Friday.


Monday 4/14/08 Visiting colleges and looking at toys…

We toured the college on Saturday. We ended up getting there about two hours early, so we went to the store and looked at all of the toys. It is always good to see ahead what they want for Christmas. The college was too small for William…but he was very polite on the tour. In two weeks we will go to a very large college. Our appointment is at 9:00 am, so we will probably need to stay in a hotel the night before.


4/11/08 Visiting a college…

We are going to visit our first college tomorrow. We are all so excited. I hope that the weather is nice, it will make the trip so much more pleasant. William starts his programming class on-line next week. We were to download Visual C++ 2005, but I could only find Visual C++ 2008. I hope that it will still work. William can e-mail the teacher and get help.


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