1/29/14 moving the movies and planting seeds, Day 29/365…

We have too many movies for our movie shelf. We moved some items off of another shelf to make room for the movies. When the movies were moved we now have a lot of the movies that were in the back out in front. It is like getting a lot of new movies. I may go to the movie shelf and rearrange it more often so that we have fresh choices. 1294

We need to look at our seeds and see when they need to be started. We have had a small garden for the past few years. We like to start the seeds inside in the winter…it is so much cheaper…but sometimes we have too much going on and we buy our plants at Lowes. We have a table set up to start our seeds on. 1291

One year we planted herbs. Some of them are high maintenance. Basil needs to have all of its leaves washed off the night before they are picked. This was too much work for us. We always have tomatoes. Two years ago we had tomatoes in one spot. In November of that year we planted garlic there. The next summer the tomatoes grew back, on top of the garlic. It was a busy year for us and we didn’t get the tomatoes moved. When it was time to harvest the garlic, we couldn’t see it. This year if the tomatoes come up in that area again, we are going to move them. Is it good to have the garlic grow for two years before we harvest it?

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Here are some pictures: 1278 1638 12541 1272 12740

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January 2014 Bible verse: “There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 New Living Translation


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