1/28/14 taking pictures and wearing gloves, Day 28/365…

I have been taking fewer pictures lately because it has been so cold out and because I only go to the same places every day. It is boring taking pictures of the same tree and the same piles of snow every day. Last weekend we went around town to do some errands. The day happened to be warmer, about twenty degrees, so I was able to take more pictures.

Maggie has to go to different buildings for each of her classes. The other day on the way home she told me that she had decided to try wearing her gloves. It has been about four degrees above zero with a wind chill added to that. I asked her how it went. She said that she was warmer and was going to wear the gloves.

When the kids were young I had them wear gloves and hats and zip their jackets in the winter. Now that they are older they can make some of their own decisions. They do have jackets, hats and gloves…I gave up on scarves years ago…but they get to choose if they will wear them. My kids are 25, 18 and 17. If it is cold enough that I would wear these items, I make sure that the kids take them when they go out, but they get to choose if they will wear them. If the kids do get sick then I get to make the choices of how they will dress until they are healthy again. It was tough to let go, but it has worked out well. The kids are still healthy and I don’t need to watch them so closely. When did you start to let your kids make some of their own choices? How did it work out?

Thanks for stopping by! Please come back tomorrow and see what new adventures we have found!!!

Here are some pictures: 1231 1235 1274 12716 12767 two pitchers 12736

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