1/27/14 giving to the Goodwill, Day 27/365…

Maggie reorganized her room and brought down some things for Goodwill. When the kids were young we would take a load to Goodwill at the end of summer. It was a good time for us to sort things out. The kids have their birthdays in September, October and November, and then there is Christmas with another avalanche of toys coming into the house. At the end of summer we aren’t into school work yet, and the kids know that they have more toys coming to replace the ones that they have given away. We have to sort out the toys or we would get buried. When the kids were young, the girls would keep ten to fifteen dolls and ten to fifteen baby blankets, etc. William would keep about as much of his army men etc. They never were without toys, but a good sort out is sometimes necessary. The first year of giving was the hardest. The kids understood that they would be getting more toys soon and that they still had a lot, but it was still hard to part with anything. About two weeks after giving the toys to Goodwill the first time Beth started sobbing. She had given away a doll that was her favorite. She said that she had taken a long time to decide which dolls to give away…remember that she did keep about fifteen dolls…but she regretted not having this one. She was so sad with her tear stained face and sad eyes. I went to the trunk of my car where the Goodwill load was and got her doll. She was so happy. I hadn’t delivered the load because I knew that this would be tough and I wanted to have the toys in case anyone melted down. I kept the toys in the trunck for about another month. Then I asked the kids if it was OK to deliver them now. We had the birthdays and Christmas and the kids got more toys. The next year it was easier. They knew what was happening. I want the kids to have toys, but we can’t have so many that we can’t walk through the house. Now they do their own sorts when they rearrange their rooms. I do go through their items. Sometimes they throw away a yearbook or something else that is precious to them by mistake. I still keep the items in the trunk for a week or two…just in case. What yearly events do you or your family do to keep things running smoothly?

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