1/25/14 catching up and having friends over, Day 25/365…

Last night I made a list of all of the things that we need to get done…from the kids doing homework, to people that I need to e-mail to making lunches for next week. Last week we were just holding on. With Maggie’s deadline for projects at school and all of the cold weather we didn’t get any extra things done. I need to catch up before I get buried. Maggie did get her projects in on Friday.

Maggie and Beth had a friend stay the night last night. They watched movies and made brownies. Now that the kids are older I have them make brownies whenever they have a friend over. It gives them something to do…and eat. They like to talk about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. The topic of how they will defend themselves and where they will live is very fascinating to them. They must all watch the same shows, because they are always in agreement on how to stay alive. It’s also nice for them to have a friend over because the kids help with the housework without whimpering.

When my kids were little we had a lot of kids living on this street. We took turns having the kids over so the kids had a sleep over almost every weekend. It was so easy since all of the kids lived right here. They would come over after dinner and in the morning we just needed to open the door and the kids could walk across the street to their own house. Having all of the kids around really brought us together as a neighborhood.

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