1/23/14 back to school, weather changes and senior events, Day 23/365…

Beth is so glad to be back at school. She loves seeing all of her friends. The kids were on break for Christmas which was at least two weeks long. Then they were off for the bad weather. Then they had finals week where they only had school for half days that week. Then they were off for Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday, the teachers had an in-service day on Tuesday and the kids had a two hour delay on Wednesday. She is glad that there aren’t any more vacations planned soon. It is tough to be a very social person with all of this vacation.

It was about two degrees today. It has been cold for a while. When I was young it stayed cold and snowy all winter. Lately it has been back and forth between cold and warm. When the temperatures changes a lot between cold and warm we end up with a lot of ice on the roads. This year we have had a lot of cold weather. The steady cold weather does mean that we don’t have the ice on the roads.

Maggie applied for her two scholarships today. They are due at school by tomorrow. She needed her grade point average to finish applying for them.

Here are some pictures: 1231 1232 12331235 1237

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January 2014 Bible verse: “There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 New Living Translation


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