1/18/14 kids in the car, and art supplies, Day 18/365…

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted lately. I’m back.

When the kids were little we were in the car a lot. We went on a lot of adventures on the weekends and a few trips to see relatives in the summers. The kids needed to all sit in the back seat because they weren’t tall enough or weighed enough for it to be safe for them to sit up front. All three kids always wanted the window seat, no one wanted to sit in the middle and have the bump by their feet. We started by having them sit in order, William by the passenger window, Maggie in the middle and Beth on the drivers side. Our first trip was short so they rode there in this order. On the way home William moved to the middle, Maggie went to the driver’s side and Beth went from the drivers window to the passenger window. On longer trips I tried to divide the trip into thirds each got the same amount of time in the middle. The biggest problem that we had was remembering where we left off. This did cut down on a lot of fights and bad feelings in the car.

Today we are going to get Maggie’s art supplies for her art class. We printed off some of her syllabuses last night because she has new classes. Beth will probably spend the day doing math. It snowed at least two inches late last week. There was enough snow that everything is white again, but not enough that we needed to shovel to get into the driveway. We do need to shovel the sidewalk. We need to do all of out weekend jobs today.

Here are some pictures: 1189 1181 11821183 1184 1185 1187

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January 2014 Bible verse: “There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 New Living Translation


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