5/22/16 pictures of the kids…

We need to have more old pictures of the kids on the fridge. My kids are all older and like seeing pictures of our family when they were young. My first thought was to get some frames and put them on the wall going up the stairs. My plan was that now and then I would put different pictures in the frames. The problem was that I bought cheep frames and the first time that we tried to put new pictures into the frames, the frames started to crack. So… the original pictures have stayed in those frames. We still wanted to see new pictures all of the time so now we have new pictures on the fridge. Our fridge does have so many magnets that the pictures don’t stand out, it all needs rearranged. I do take a huge number of pictures so there are a lot to choose from…well we have a lot to choose from of the pictures when the kids were young. Since I have gotten a digital camera and started taking pictures on my phone, I don’t get them developed at all. A friend told me that Snapfish has great deals for developing pictures and Walmart has some deals too, but I haven’t tried them yet. We have the memory cards from a few different cameras and I am worried that the pictures will fade before we get them developed. So…we only have pictures of the kids from when thy were young.

Do you use a digital camera. Where do you get them developed? Where do you have the pictures that you have gotten developed?


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