7/12/17 driving, interviews and thank you cards…

Beth took the car out for a drive for about an hour yesterday. She never gets to drive alone and was so excited to go. She did fine. She drove over to my moms neighborhood. She got there OK but took a wrong turn and got lost on the way home. I let her know that there is a map in the glove box if she needs it. Beth is from a different generation than me so she would probably get directions from her phone, but the paper map is still there if she wants to use it.
When I got home yesterday, there was a message for Maggie. She got a call for an interview. cheer…cheer…cheeeeeerrrr…wooooo hooooooo. I am so excited. Maggie was finishing a thank you note to one of her great aunts, would my aunt be her great aunt? She had gotten a check for graduation and had misplaced it (she graduated over a year ago). Maggie had been cleaning her room and found the card and check. I had her call the aunt and thank her and ask if it was still OK to cash the check. Maggie did a good job on the call. She made a lot of nice small talk and then brought up the check and asked about it. Maggie is usually quiet so this was a big thing for her to make the call. She cashed and spent the money a few weeks ago but hadn’t written the thank you note. So I had her call and then send a note too, since she had gotten the check so long ago I thought the extra call was needed. I always tell them that the gift isn’t theirs until they sent the thank you note.
Maggie went to look for an outfit to wear to the interview. She only has jeans and t shirts. She doesn’t have any need for dress clothes, so she doesn’t have any. Her choices just didn’t look good for an interview. Maggie and I went to Meijer’s and got her dress pants and a dress shirt. She looks ready. I hope that the interview goes well.


7/3/17 surgery and job searches…

Mom had a doctors appointment yesterday because her arm has been hurting her. The doctor said that she has calcium deposits on it and needs to have surgery. She is going for a post op visit next week. The surgery is scheduled to start at seven am so she needs to be there at five in the morning. I can take mom to the hospital, go home and get William and take him to work and go back and be with mom during the surgery. I can take mom home and then go back and pick up William. Moms arm will be in a sling for three months, not the normal sling but the one that wraps around the body. We will need to go and cut her grass each week and take her to get groceries. I don’t remember how long they said that she couldn’t drive. The doctor did say that she would hurt a lot for a long time even after her arm was out of the sling. He also said that eighty percent of the patients that have this surgery need to have it redone. She won’t be able to move any more furniture around or haul any more dirt from the dirt pile.
Maggie has been looking for a job. We were hoping that mom could drive her, now Maggie needs to get her license and we need to get her a car. There is a medical building right by moms house that Maggie applied to that Maggie could walk to if she needed to. She applied last week and hasn’t heard from them. It was a four page application and may have had a background check. If it did, and they wanted to interview Maggie, it may take a week to hear back from them.
Mom has always been so healthy. It seems so odd to see her frail and needing rides. I am glad that we still live in the same town as mom.


3/31/17 applications and posters…

Maggie and I went back to the stores where she got paper applications last week. She had filled them out but had problems with all of them and had done some crossing off on each one. She needed to start over. She also has three references now. Woo hoo! Getting references was a big deal for Maggie. When she is out of the house she is very shy. It was difficult for her to go to teachers to ask if they could be a reference. Maggie went to a small high school and had most of the teachers all four years and was liked by all of the teachers but was not going to ask them for a reference. I offered to drive her to school to ask them, she said no, I asked if she could call the school and leave a message for the teachers, she said no. Could she e-mail the teachers, no she said. She didn’t want to bother anyone, but she did want to get references. Eventually she decided to e-mail the teachers. They all said yes right away. It was a big relief to Maggie.  She is now ready to do some serious job hunting. She is going to fill out the applications tomorrow morning. She is ready to start a new chapter in her life. When Maggie got home from picking up the applications she went to her room. About an hour later she came down carrying a pile of National Geographic Magazines. She loves her National Geographic Magazines. She got them from a high school teacher years ago. She had brought them home and put a lot of the posters from the magazines from her walls. The posters stayed up until the cats kept jumping up and tried to take them down. Maggie said that she was done looking at them and needed them to go to Goodwill. Or maybe it was that she couldn’t sleep at night with the cats trying to take down all of her posters. She is getting rid of the old and making room for wherever God takes her next.


3/25/17 applications…

Maggie and I went and picked up some paper applications for her. There were places that she couldn’t apply to online. As we went around the new areas Maggie wrote down the names of the new stores that she hadn’t applied to yet. Maggie is always sure that we should keep a lookout for zombies wherever we go.
Maggie has a lot of personality. She calls herself an introvert but she is more of an extrovert in small groups.


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