Monday 4/21/08 Dentist appt, orthodontist, visiting a college…and moving

The kids went to the dentist on Saturday. They needed check-ups. Maggie and Beth need braces. I will make an appt at the orthodontist to get that started. The kids didn’t have any cavities. They said that we should be brushing for three minutes, and the girls are old enough to floss each day now.
We will be going to another college on Saturday. We are very excited about all this traveling.
We are almost ready to put the house up for sale. I need to paint the front steps…as soon as it stops raining… and pack a few things in the basement. The kids are excited to move. We still need to pack their things.


Wednesday 4/16/08 Programming class on-line…

William had his first programming class on-line tonight. It went great!!! I could hear him say ”I knew that…” as he read the work. The class has the reading on-line and then a quiz. I guess the actual programming will start later. He looked so happy. The next chapter will be released on Friday.


Monday 4/14/08 Visiting colleges and looking at toys…

We toured the college on Saturday. We ended up getting there about two hours early, so we went to the store and looked at all of the toys. It is always good to see ahead what they want for Christmas. The college was too small for William…but he was very polite on the tour. In two weeks we will go to a very large college. Our appointment is at 9:00 am, so we will probably need to stay in a hotel the night before.


4/11/08 Visiting a college…

We are going to visit our first college tomorrow. We are all so excited. I hope that the weather is nice, it will make the trip so much more pleasant. William starts his programming class on-line next week. We were to download Visual C++ 2005, but I could only find Visual C++ 2008. I hope that it will still work. William can e-mail the teacher and get help.


Wednesday 2/8/08 programming class at the Community College…

William is going to take a programming class at the Community College through continuing education. With continuing education he can go straight to the class and skip the pre-requisites. He still is planning to go to college, but he wanted a programming class first so that he felt like he knew something about programming before he went to college.


Tuesday 3/25/08 Easter eggs, moving, storage unit…

We colored Easter eggs a couple of days ago. It was fun. William didn’t want to help so he was on the computer in the same room. We found an Easter egg coloring set that had dies, sponges and Q-tips to color eggs with, and a wax crayon and stickers. We ended up with one puddle of die on the table, no eggs dropping on the floor and we only broke two egg shells while coloring them. When the girls get too old, I will really miss this.
We are almost ready to move. The house is painted…on the inside…and we have taken a lot of boxes to storage. This past weekend William helped me take two book shelves to the garage and two tables to storage…the book shelves wouldn’t fit in the storage unit. The living room looks a lot bigger now.


Tuesday 12/11/07 Christmas cards…

I am filling out the Christmas cards tonight. I had cards that were bought earlier in the year, but at the last minute, I misplaced them. I really didn’t want to re-buy something that I already had, so I put off re-buying them. Finally, they never turned up, and I am just starting to address the cards. I really like to mail the cards about a week after Thanksgiving.


Monday 12/10/07 Pictures and snow…

We got our family pictures in the mail last week. They look good. We had wanted a picture of all of us before William went away to college. It is a relief that the picture is done.
We had our first winter storm last weekend. There was snow and ice and rain. It was messy. I ended up staying home.
There is a small amount of painting that needs done on the house. William’s shelves for his closet need done and the heater in the bathroom needs some rust-o-lium. Maybe this week would be a good time to do it. Then I could quit thinking about painting.


Monday 12/03/07 Planning to decorate…

We decided to put up the Christmas decorations next Saturday. We had wanted to put them up sooner, but we wanted to make sure that we had enough time to put them up. We had thought about putting them up on a Friday night, but thought that if we started in the morning when we weren’t tired and had a full day open, it would feel fun and not rushed.
We have an artificial tree. We also have a lot of decorations. We started out with some decorations. Each year the kids make some at school, and each year we make ornaments as a family, and a few years ago when my grandmother passed away, we got some of her decorations.
I like to take down a few pictures off of the wall and cover the picture with wrapping paper and put a bow on it. When we hang it back up, It looks like there is a present on the wall.


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