Monday 5/19/08 crocheting blankets for the kids…

I would like to crochet a bed-sized blanket for each of the kids. I was thinking of blue for William, red for Maggie and pink for Beth. When I asked William what he thought, he didn’t look pleased. He asked if he had to take it to college. I said no, it could be left at home, would he like the color blue? He wanted to think about it. A few days later I mentioned the blanket again, William said that he did want to take it to college and he wanted a lot of colors that didn’t match. Then, when people came into his dorm room it would startle them.
I asked Maggie if she would like a red blanket for her bed (red is her favorite color). She said that she would like a bright yellow, bright red and bright blue one. Just like the small one that I had made for her doll.
Third, I asked Beth if she wanted a pink blanket. Beth said that she needed to think about the colors and she would get back to me.
I wanted to start on William’s blanket first, since he is leaving first, so…Beth has a while to decide on her colors.


Sunday 5/18/08 Exercising…

I have started to exercise again. I went to the Goodwill store to find a smaller computer table. I couldn’t find one in the front of the store where the furniture is, but when I looked in the back of the store, I saw the tops of lamps. When I went back there, there wasn’t any other furniture in the lamp area. Next to the lamps there were videos. I started looking for videos for the kids, but there were a few exercise videos that looked fun. The more I looked, the more exercise videos I found. Five exercise videos went home with me and a few movies for the kids. The tapes were mostly $2.00 each.
I had seen a few exercise infomercials that said to loose weight a person needed to do different types of exercise every day. I am guessing that this is to keep the body from falling into a routine. Each day…ok, not each day, but when I do exercise…I go to the next tape. I am only exercising for about five minutes, but I feel that it is better than not exercising at all.
Today was the ”Balanced Workout”, next time is ”Yoga”, then ”Qigong”, then ”Crunch Fat Buster Plus”…etc…
I don’t re-wind each tape each day. The tape is left where it is when I am done exercising, and when it gets back to the top of the pile, I will start up where I left off. This does mean that when I am far enough into each tape, I will not be using the warm-up section, so I will need to do some stretching on my own before I start each tape.
It has been very interesting to work on seven different styles of exercising all at once.


Sunday 5/18/08 Firemans Museum, college, crocheting, ACT test, summer outfits, the Magic Eraser and lost teeth…

We would like to go to the Fireman’s Museum before we move. We live right by it and it wouldn’t make sense to move to the other side of town and then to come back here to the museum to see it. Then, when we move we can see the sights that are over there.
We are excited about moving, but tired of packing and painting. It is nice that the kids are older and can share in the excitement.
Next year we will have one child in college and two in Junior High school.
There should be enough empty boxes in the basement for us to pack the rest of the house.
I am going to crochet a bed-size blanket for each of the kids.
William has decided to go to a bigger college, but he has not decided which one yet.
William takes his ACT test in a few weeks.
The kids now have their new summer outfits and sandals.
I need to take the Magic Eraser around the house and get any scuff marks off of the walls.
Beth lost a tooth last week. She has eight more baby teeth to loose.


Sunday 5/18/08 Lawn mower…

We have a lawn mower that doesn’t have a motor. When the wheels turn, the blades turn. The blades need sharpened. Before the house is listed I will go out with my clippers and cut all of the grass that didn’t get cut.


Sunday 5/18/08 Ceiling…

The continuing saga of my ceiling…It had three spots on it from the previous owners. I painted over it with white paint…the spots showed through. Last night I put a base coat on it and re-painted it. I think that the spots are gone. I will keep you updated.


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