Thursday 5/15/08 making cookies…

We made cookies today. We melted chocolate chips and butterscotch chips in a double boiler (the bottom pan has water, and the top pan has the chips in it. This way the chips aren’t directly on the heat.) Then we poured the chocolate over Chinese noodles, the crunchy ones. We put spoon fulls of the mixture on a cookie sheet to cool, and they taste great. The kids love to lick the spoon.


Wednesday 5/14/08 college tours…

I tried to sign up for more college tours today. Now that the schools are out for the summer, it will be a lot more difficult. We have a tour set up for the end of June and one in July. The third school that I called doesn’t give tours on weekends again until fall. I will keep trying, William does want a guide. I offered to take the kids and we could look at the buildings, but he said that he wouldn’t get as much out of it without the guide. I agree with him, but I really don’t want to wait until fall.


Wednesday 5/14/08 packing boxes…

We moved some of the packed boxes out of Maggie’s room. Maggie and I also packed a few more boxes today. It is time to move. We have so little left to do. If we list the house now, and it sells, we could be moved at the beginning of summer vacation.


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