Tuesday 5/20/08 laundry folding table…

We really need to move, we have put the folding table into storage. It is really inconvenient not to have it. I like to do laundry, and having a place to fold it, or keep the folded clothes until I get a chance to hand them out to the kids, was really nice. Now, when the laundry is done, it must be folded and put away right away.
If we get a house with a big enough laundry area I would like to get a basket for each person, and put their clean clothes in the basket.


Tuesday 5/20/08 field trips…

Beth went on a field trip yesterday to the zoo. She had a great time. She had a lot to say about what kinds of food the kids bought (all of the kids shared the foods), and what the lunches were, but she never said anything about any of the animals. The ate all day, and had a really good time.
Today Beth’s class went to the baseball game. Beth bought nacho chips and cheese. She never mentioned the game. She had fun. They don’t usually have field trips back-to-back like this.


Tuesday 5/20/08 yard work…

Today the kids and I went out and did some yard work. William cut the grass, and Maggie and Beth clipped around some of the edges. We didn’t get all of the edges clipped, but the yard looks so much better. I watered the new grass seed. It hasn’t sprouted yet. The seed that was planted last week hasn’t sprouted yet either. We need some dirt and more seed. I hate to do a job twice, but I do like to finish a job.


Monday 5/19/08 grass seed…

I bought some grass seed today. It is for the spot where the big tree in the front yard was cut down. I took a lot of the wood chips from that area to the back yard and put them in the garden. The wood chips had been so high, that if the dirt and grass seed was put over them, it wouldn’t look like a flat yard. Today I put some of the mulch on that spot and then put on the grass seed. I am hoping that the grass seed will grow in the mulch.
I had put some mulch and grass seed in another area last week, and have been watering it each day. Today is the first time that I have looked closely at it. The seed hasn’t sprouted yet, but the mulch looked compacted. I took the rake and separated it a bit. Can grass seed grow through mulch? If it can’t, I can buy some dirt and start again, there will just be mulch under the dirt. I was hoping to avoid the expense, since there was so much mulch in the back yard.


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