8/8/17 Minecraft…

Maggie has been playing Minecraft. She thoroughly loves the game.,
She found a book that shows that people are building castles and was so excited. She found that they dig down and then they can build more floors. There must be a ceiling so they need to start lower to get the height they want. The problem is that when you dig down you don’t know what you will find. Some areas have caves and some have hidden rivers that flood everything until they can be stopped and some have hidden lava streams that also flood everything. Maggie is usually quiet as she builds, until her area starts flooding, then we hear her say “no stop flooding” as she quickly taps the screen to place blocks over the spot that the water or lava is coming from.
Maggie dug out her base and began building. She put in a floor, brick by brick, and pillars. Then she decided that she needed a dirt floor and she wanted to plant grass. She thought that it would look better. So she dug out the floor and planted the grass. Then she decided that she didn’t have enough room so she began to dig out to the side. She has been working on this building for a few weeks.
Here is what Minecraft looks looks like when done in magnets on our fridge.


8/5/17 Maggie’s interview… and Minecraft…

Maggie got a call for an interview at a restaurant. Wooooooo hoooooooo. She got out of school in December and has been looking for work ever since then. She has been filling out applications for so long. Her life has been at a standstill since she got out of school. She wants to work, but no one calls for interviews, she doesn’t want to go back to school. It’s tough to get your first job, so many places want someone who has worked before. Maggie graduated from high school and has some college, but doesn’t want to finish getting her degree. She really wants to go on and do something else, she is not quite sure what, but she is sure that she wants to work as she figures it out.
The restaurant wanted her to go in on Monday but mom drives her and mom has a doctor appointment because of her surgery so Maggie set up the appointment for Thursday. She is very excited. I had her call grandma first and ask if she could get a ride. Grandma said yes. Maggie went to get her interview outfit together.
When Maggie isn’t filling out applications, she is playing Minecraft. It is an online, building …I don’t want to say game, because you don’t get points or have any challenges. People build buildings or whole towns. Sometimes she is building and takes a block away that she doesn’t need and the building either floods or is covered in lava. There are also farm animals that keep wondering into the lake. They don’t drown, they just stay stuck until they get rescued and then generally wander back into the lake. Also, there is a creature that comes in and takes some of her squares of grass.


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