7/18/17 mom’s surgery…

Mom had an uneasy feeling about the surgery that she was having yesterday, she thought that she wouldn’t make it through. She was having shoulder surgery. The surgery was scheduled for seven thirty in the morning so she had to be there at five thirty. I was taking her but I also needed to get William to work on time. First I said that I would take mom, drop her off at the hospital and go back home for William and take him to work then go back to the hospital for mom. Then I decided that we should take William with us to the hospital and then I wouldn’t need to go back home to get him. I wanted to be at the hospital as much as possible and William doesn’t drive. I just didn’t want to make William get up that early. Another choice was to have him take a day off but he hasn’t worked long enough to have vacation days. He said that it would be no problem to get up early and go with us. He could sleep in the car until it was time to take him to work. We needed to be at moms house at four forty-five am to be at the hospital at five thirty.
We did get up on time and got to moms ten minutes early. She was sure that there was going to be a problem during the surgery so she showed me some of the things in her house that she wanted me to take care of if she didn’t make it. Mom is never like this. She has had surgery before, but has never had this uneasy feeling about it. William hadn’t been sure if he was going to wait in the car or go in with us. In the end he decided to wait in the car. Mom told the people at the desk that she was here and she and I talked for a while as she waited to be checked in. Soon I left and took William to work and then went back to the hospital. Mom had checked in and had been taken to the surgery area. I was given a pager. When mom had settled in I was paged and went to see her.
In the end, the surgery went fine. Mom was released that day. It seems so odd to imagine what life would be like without mom around. We have always lived close enough to each other that we could see each other every day if we wanted to. There have been times when we could have moved to a different state, but the move at the time didn’t make sense, so we stayed here. We had lived with mom for a few years when the kids were young and for many years she took the kids to school. I’m glad that she is OK. We will be spending a lot of time at her house while she recovers, cutting her grass and taking her to get groceries.


7/12/17 driving, interviews and thank you cards…

Beth took the car out for a drive for about an hour yesterday. She never gets to drive alone and was so excited to go. She did fine. She drove over to my moms neighborhood. She got there OK but took a wrong turn and got lost on the way home. I let her know that there is a map in the glove box if she needs it. Beth is from a different generation than me so she would probably get directions from her phone, but the paper map is still there if she wants to use it.
When I got home yesterday, there was a message for Maggie. She got a call for an interview. cheer…cheer…cheeeeeerrrr…wooooo hooooooo. I am so excited. Maggie was finishing a thank you note to one of her great aunts, would my aunt be her great aunt? She had gotten a check for graduation and had misplaced it (she graduated over a year ago). Maggie had been cleaning her room and found the card and check. I had her call the aunt and thank her and ask if it was still OK to cash the check. Maggie did a good job on the call. She made a lot of nice small talk and then brought up the check and asked about it. Maggie is usually quiet so this was a big thing for her to make the call. She cashed and spent the money a few weeks ago but hadn’t written the thank you note. So I had her call and then send a note too, since she had gotten the check so long ago I thought the extra call was needed. I always tell them that the gift isn’t theirs until they sent the thank you note.
Maggie went to look for an outfit to wear to the interview. She only has jeans and t shirts. She doesn’t have any need for dress clothes, so she doesn’t have any. Her choices just didn’t look good for an interview. Maggie and I went to Meijer’s and got her dress pants and a dress shirt. She looks ready. I hope that the interview goes well.


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