4/11/18 starting a new job…

Maggie went into work yesterday. She had had orientation the day before and was going to do some more training and also she was going to work in the kitchen. She was so excited going in. She had her hat,  work shirt and hair ties. She was ready. When I picked her up after she had worked for six hours she was smiling and her face was glowing. Maggie had had a good day. She said that she had made cookies all day long, along with watching training videos in the office. She said that she needed a pair of pants with pockets, and she wanted a haircut. Her hair is almost down to her waist. Its a lot of hair to try to keep up all day long. They had told her that she needed to memorize the menu. I should have thought of that and had her memorize it for the month between when she was hired and the day that she started working. But I didn’t think of it. I asked if we should take a picture of the drive thru menu for her to look at, Maggie said that she can find the menu online and will learn it from there. I am so relieved that her day went well, you never know when you send a child out into the world how it will work out.
After I picked up Maggie I got William and Beth from home. We had some relatives in town for a couple of days and we were all going over to moms house to see them. The relatives always stay with mom.
Beth is still looking for a job. She puts in one or two applications each day.


12/11/17 Minecraft…

While Maggie is at home looking for a job she is building on Minecraft, making a castle. The castle was too tall for the game, there is an upper limit on how tall buildings can be, so she blasted down into the ground to start the base at a lower level. While doing this she came upon many caves, underground streams and lava. She built a lot of the castle then decided to start over. She is now building a city. First she put in streets. Then she was going to go to sidewalks. While building the streets Maggie asked me if I wanted a house built in her city. I was thrilled. She had a book of house styles, like tutor and colonial. I wanted a front porch so I picked a cabin. She built the house and furnished it. It was so sweet. Then Maggie went back to building streets.


10/24/17 prom…

Here is another post that should have been posted from when Beth was in high school. There are a few posts that have been missed. Please forgive me while I catch up, some of them are so much fun, I just don’t want to skip them,
Beth called her grandmother and asked if she could have a ride to and from work each day until her car was done. She was done with in school classes and now needed to do her internship to be able to graduate from high school. She also needed a ride for her friend that she normally drove to work. Then she needed to set up prom. Yes…the car broke down the day of prom…big bummer. The girls were all going to get ready at one girls house, go with the parents to the park for pictures, go out to eat and then go to the prom. So far they have gotten ready, had pictures taken and are at the restaurant. When we got to the park there was a line of cars going in. There was at least one wedding going on. I saw at least six brides maids with green off one shoulder dresses and later saw at least six more girls in pink dresses. Either they were in the same wedding or they were all friends, as I was circling the parking lot looking for a parking spot all of the girls, all twelve, were posing for a picture. It really was beautiful. The park had a huge tent up with tables and chairs for the wedding. There were also lots of groups of prom kids and their parents taking prom pictures. The park was packed. The kids from our group decided to take pictures at a different park. The second park was just as beautiful, but had less commotion.


9/15/17 phone alarms, driving and movies…

I don’t write every day. I think about what to write every day, all day long, but never get around to writing. Yesterday I decided that I needed to do something different to make time to write. I set the alarm on my phone to ring at nine thirty each night. By that time all of the things that were needed to be done for the family would be done and I could write. I have never set the alarm on my phone. I couldn’t find the alarm at first, it was under clock. This was the first night to try it. I set it while Maggie was driving me around. She had wanted to go to the flee market to buy some movies. We went to two flee markets and they had both already closed. We ended up at the library and I got some movies. Maggie found some that she wanted but she knew that they were ones that I would never approve of, so I picked all of the movies. When we got home I put one in sort of as background noise while I made dinner. When my alarm went off it was so cool…I have heard my kids phones alarms go off, but now it was mine. The problem was I was in the middle of a good movie, do I finish the movie, cutting into my writing time or turn it off and write and then watch it later? Maggie wasn’t watching, being under general protest since she hadn’t picked out the movies and was filling out applications on the computer. William had looked at the movies when we brought them home and had said that he didn’t like any of them but was following along on this one, sort of standing in the next room, so he couldn’t be seen but could see the movie. Beth was on her phone with a friend. I didn’t want to turn it off because William was watching too and I can’t type and have a good movie in, or any movie in, all of them distract me so we finished the movie.
I am writing today. It feels good to write it down. If I don’t get it written down, all of the things that I want to write, I play them over and over in my head so I won’t forget them before there is a chance to get them written down. It is good to clear it all out and get it into the computer.
What distracts you? What do you do to prevent the distraction?


1/26/17 going to grandmas…

Maggie went to her grand mothers today. She is staying there until Tuesday. Grandma is sick and needs someone to stay with her. Beth is also going to stay with grandma. Beth didn’t know that Maggie was going to go over when she set this up. I hope that it works out having both of the girls there. At this house now the people are outnumbered by the cats.
William and I came home this evening and watched the movie Chef.


1/25/17 applications and packing…

 Maggie tried to fill out applications but the internet kept shutting off. She did put a lot of effort into it, but it kept shutting down. She wants to try again tomorrow. If she goes to her grandmothers tomorrow she won’t have time to fill out applications. I know that going to her grandmothers will be fun and it is appreciated, but she doesn’t have a gap on her resume right now. She ended school last semester in December. If she starts working now she doesn’t have a gap, I don’t want her to have a gap that she will need to explain forever. She could work part-time and be at grandmas the rest of the day.
I asked Maggie to make a list of what to pack. Maggie can pack a suitcase. I asked her to make a list of what she thinks of first, then add to the list what she uses each day, start at the morning with the comb and picture what you use all day. Then think of what you will need to interview. We have taken weekend trips before, but nothing longer like this will be. She will be close enough that we can take her things if she has forgotten them


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