Saturday 6/7/08 William graduates from high school today…

William graduates from high school today. He is getting excited. After the graduation, I may take the kids out for graduation. The kids go to a charter school. There are about 15 kids in his class. Tomorrow there is a recognition ceremony at church and then his dad is having a party/picnic for him. This is William’s weekend.


Monday 6/2/08 Beth’s book order…

Beth got her book order in today at school. She had ordered a electronic calender. It also has a phone directory, music and a few other things. She can get everything to work except for the radio. She is setting the date on it now.
The last day of school is still next Friday.


Wednesday 5/28/08 last day of school, letters of reference…

I called the school yesterday to see when the last day of school will be. They think that it will be June sixth, but they aren’t sure yet.
William needs to be at school one hour before graduation starts.
I asked William last week to ask his teachers for letters of reference for scholarships, They must be on the school letterhead, so that they know that the letters came from real teachers. He went in and asked five teachers. Two of them gave him positive answers. He has gone back to the teachers a few times, but they haven’t written the letters. I don’t think that William will have school next week, because it is finals week, so he really needs to get the letters this week


Monday 11/12/07 William and College…

William has always wanted to go to college. A few years ago I was saying that he should go to the community college. It has smaller class sizes and might be a good place to start. He said ”no” he wants to go to the local four year college. I finally started to agree with him that he was ready for larger class sizes.
The other day William mentioned that we were almost out of toothpaste. I went to show him again which cupboard the toothpaste was kept in but he said ”no” he would be leaving to go away to college soon and he really didn’t need to know where anything was kept. I said ”away” to college? He has now decided that he would prefer to go away to college. I have always told the kids that anything is possible, as long as you work hard for it. I hadn’t thought that they were listining to me.
We were all talking a few days later and William mentioned that he would be gone in about six months. He said that after he finishes high school he will be filling out his college paperwork and leaving. I have never seen so much enthusium in him. (Where did my little boy who wanted to stay at home go?) I tried to explain that most freshmen classes started in the fall quarter and he may be with us all summer. He is so excited about college, which is cool, and he does truely believe that he can start college the day after he graduates from high school. I do wish that he wanted to go to a local college, and live with us. We will miss him so much, but I don’t want to take away any of his excitement and drive.


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