7/3/17 surgery and job searches…

Mom had a doctors appointment yesterday because her arm has been hurting her. The doctor said that she has calcium deposits on it and needs to have surgery. She is going for a post op visit next week. The surgery is scheduled to start at seven am so she needs to be there at five in the morning. I can take mom to the hospital, go home and get William and take him to work and go back and be with mom during the surgery. I can take mom home and then go back and pick up William. Moms arm will be in a sling for three months, not the normal sling but the one that wraps around the body. We will need to go and cut her grass each week and take her to get groceries. I don’t remember how long they said that she couldn’t drive. The doctor did say that she would hurt a lot for a long time even after her arm was out of the sling. He also said that eighty percent of the patients that have this surgery need to have it redone. She won’t be able to move any more furniture around or haul any more dirt from the dirt pile.
Maggie has been looking for a job. We were hoping that mom could drive her, now Maggie needs to get her license and we need to get her a car. There is a medical building right by moms house that Maggie applied to that Maggie could walk to if she needed to. She applied last week and hasn’t heard from them. It was a four page application and may have had a background check. If it did, and they wanted to interview Maggie, it may take a week to hear back from them.
Mom has always been so healthy. It seems so odd to see her frail and needing rides. I am glad that we still live in the same town as mom.


3/31/17 applications and posters…

Maggie and I went back to the stores where she got paper applications last week. She had filled them out but had problems with all of them and had done some crossing off on each one. She needed to start over. She also has three references now. Woo hoo! Getting references was a big deal for Maggie. When she is out of the house she is very shy. It was difficult for her to go to teachers to ask if they could be a reference. Maggie went to a small high school and had most of the teachers all four years and was liked by all of the teachers but was not going to ask them for a reference. I offered to drive her to school to ask them, she said no, I asked if she could call the school and leave a message for the teachers, she said no. Could she e-mail the teachers, no she said. She didn’t want to bother anyone, but she did want to get references. Eventually she decided to e-mail the teachers. They all said yes right away. It was a big relief to Maggie.  She is now ready to do some serious job hunting. She is going to fill out the applications tomorrow morning. She is ready to start a new chapter in her life. When Maggie got home from picking up the applications she went to her room. About an hour later she came down carrying a pile of National Geographic Magazines. She loves her National Geographic Magazines. She got them from a high school teacher years ago. She had brought them home and put a lot of the posters from the magazines from her walls. The posters stayed up until the cats kept jumping up and tried to take them down. Maggie said that she was done looking at them and needed them to go to Goodwill. Or maybe it was that she couldn’t sleep at night with the cats trying to take down all of her posters. She is getting rid of the old and making room for wherever God takes her next.


3/25/17 applications…

Maggie and I went and picked up some paper applications for her. There were places that she couldn’t apply to online. As we went around the new areas Maggie wrote down the names of the new stores that she hadn’t applied to yet. Maggie is always sure that we should keep a lookout for zombies wherever we go.
Maggie has a lot of personality. She calls herself an introvert but she is more of an extrovert in small groups.


2/9/17 back at home and job applications…

Maggie came home on Tuesday. She had fun but said it was a lot of quiet time.
There were places that Maggie couldn’t apply to online so she and I went and picked up some paper applications. . We had a good time, it was so nice to have her back at home. We picked up the apps and found a few more stores for her to put applications in at. As we went around the new areas Maggie wrote down the names of the new stores. Driving around in the dark there was one group of stores that we couldn’t find the entrance to their parking lot. We drove all around the group of stores to find the drive. Maggie is always sure that we should keep a lookout for zombies wherever we are. This generation is always looking for zombies.


1/27/17 pins and plates and answering machines…

Everyone is OK at the end of this post. About ten years ago William was hit by a pick-up truck. He was riding his bike to the book store to find some books and sit and read for a while. He rode his bike out into an intersection. He was young and young kids feel invincible. He said that he never thought that anything would happen to him. The truck rolled onto his foot. The driver jumped out of the truck to see if he was OK and William started yelling move the truck, you are on my leg, move the truck. The driver had thought that William was by the truck not under it. He moved the truck. William had a broken leg. It could have been so much worse. The leg was broken at an angle and wouldn’t stay together in a cast so they put a plate and pins in the leg to keep it together. It healed so well. William doesn’t have a limp or any other side effects. He has a scar. He did quit bike riding for years.
Now that William is working the leg is starting to hurt. He said he wanted to go to the doctor to have his leg looked at. When I started to make the appointment he said maybe we should wait, it didn’t hurt that much. I said that if it was normal from standing the doctor would tell him, bit if it is the metal rubbing on the bone he needed to get it looked at before the metal rubbed the bone away. He said OK we could make the appointment. The x-ray showed that two pins were up against the bone. The doctor said that we should take the two pins out. It is outpatient surgery. He said the pins will slip out easily and the bone will fill in the holes. William can go back to work the next day.
 After the doctor appointment William and I went to the library. We had rented movies last week and needed to take them back,and get more movies. We thought we had rented one movie and it didn’t have a CD in it. So last week I took the case to the library and explained that it didn’t have a CD in it when we got it home. The next day we found the CD. But it was Saturday night and our branch wasn’t open on Sunday. So today we took the CD in. Maggie had filled out applications before she went to her grandmas. When I went inside our house to get the movies I saw the answering machine blinking but didn’t think about it until we were almost to the library. I needed to go back home and listen to the messages and call Maggie if any of the messages were for her. If I went home and got the message now and called her she would still have time to call today before all of the businesses closed for the day. If I waited until we were done at the library, all of the businesses would be closed. So I dropped William at the library and went back to the house and listened to the messages,none of them were for Maggie, and then went back to the library to get William and the new movies. I was tired.


12/6/16 working and school…

No one called for an interview with William today. The maintenance company that works on our house has been playing ads on the radio. They need workers, electricians, plumbers, and everything else and they are willing to train. I called today but it was after five and they are gone. I will call tomorrow and get the time the they start and where they meet. Since William doesn’t drive I would need to drop him off and pick him up every day.
Beth didn’t feel good this morning. Not bad enough to stay home, but bad enough to slow her down. She had Alternative Energy club tonight. She didn’t call to have me get her early, so she must have felt good enough to stay. The boy that she likes is in AE too, so that helps.


8/25/16 job search, and starting school…

William is sill looking for a job. We are doing a few applications at a time. If we do too many all at once I am worried that too many companies would call for interviews all for the same day and William would not be able to get to all of them. We have decided that he should apply at places that he would need to be driven to and say that he could only work on the weekends. Then I would drive him. He just looks so lonely. The girls have gone back to school and William is still at home. The only problem with this plan is if they want to interview him during the week.
Maggie started school today. She is in full college. No more college and high school. She had a good day, seeing a few familiar faces. She has four classes and she looks like she is looking forward to them. I am so relieved. Beth starts school tomorrow. She has first week. The kids are grouped together and do projects and presentations for the week. First week lets the kids get used to the school and there is at least one student from each grade in each group, so the students can get to know everyone. The regular school classes start next week.


7/15/16 mom’s new house and interviews…

Mom bought a new house. She likes to buy houses that need work and fix them up and sell them. She says that she is getting older and that this may be the last house that she buys. She got the keys for this new house last Wednesday and the moving van comes on this next Tuesday. There are a lot of things that she takes over in her car. She has a lot of glass, pictures, potted plants, some statues, coo coo clocks…we take these things over in our cars. She could have the movers move them, but she doesn’t like to pay them for the extra time that it would take. This new house is nice. It doesn’t need a lot of work. It needs a new roof and the inside needs painted. Mom seems very content at the new place.
William has had a lot of interviews. He is even shaving for interviews. He normally will only shave once a month so this is a big deal. None of the companies that he has interviewed with have called back for a second interview. William wants to get a job and move out into an apartment. Then maybe he will go back to school.


6/3/16 job search…

William got a call about a part time job at Burger King yesterday. He called back last night and was told that the lady that had called works from five am to eleven am. William called back this morning at five-thirty and the lady said that she was opening the store and would call back later. William is very sweet, but he isn’t a morning person so it was tough for him to get up and make the call.  Now we are waiting. This is a restaurant job so I asked  William to shave.  He will only shave for me once a month. It isn’t the end of the month.


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