4/3/18 new jobs…

Maggie got a call about her job over the weekend. She was hired on the third of last month. They had asked her fill out paperwork on the computer at home. She repeated the web site name back to the gentleman, but when she tried it at home she couldn’t get in. He is not at that store every day so it took Maggie a few days to get in touch with him and get the correct web site name. After she filled out the information online she asked what I thought she should do with her check once she gets paid. Maggie doesn’t have any bills yet. I told her about saving, tithing and spending. My dad had said that it was good to live off of half of your pay. About a week later the man that hired her called back and said that there was more that she needed to fill out online. He said not to worry, she was hired and it did take this long. I had been worrying, I have never heard of it taking this long from the hiring to the start date. This set of paperwork had her tax forms and some history about herself like her graduation date. It also wanted her routing number for her bank account for direct deposit. Maggie didn’t have a bank account so she and I went to get her one. I was worried. The paperwork needs this number right now. The last time that I opened an account they said that they wouldn’t have the routing number for a week. Maggie needs this number now. When she was hired I should have taken her right to the bank to get an account, then when the number was needed she would already have it. I used to be so organized, looking at each project or event ahead of time and saying, what should I get ready for this so that it will run smoothly when we get to it. sorry…OK back to Maggie. When we got the account the lady that opened the account said that we could have the account number today. Cheer. Cheer. Woo Hoo. I should still be more organized, but it is good that this all worked out. We went home and Maggie finished all of the information that this online paperwork needed. When it was finished the computer had a message. It said something like, thank you for completing this, someone will be in touch with you to schedule orientation. That was over a week ago. Maggie has been waiting at the house playing Mine craft. She is building a city and has the streets and sidewalks done and has started on the buildings.
When she got the call to schedule orientation last weekend we were so excited. She has one interview shirt and has already worn it to two interviews there. Maggie has a lot of t-shirts from high school, but nothing dressy. She and I went and got her a new dress shirt. Maggie doesn’t want to drive so I will take her to her grandmas, my moms, in the morning and grandma will take her to and from work. I was really hoping that when Beth got her license and a car it would spur the other two into wanting to drive. It hasn’t. Her orientation was at ten this morning. I haven’t  found out yet how it went.
William and I are looking for a job for him. He doesn’t want to drive and gets so focused on what he is doing that he wouldn’t remember to go to work if he wasn’t taken there and dropped off at just the correct time to clock in. He does a good job at work and the bosses are happy with him, but he can’t get there on time without help.


1/8/18 paperwork and Minecraft…

Maggie is still filling out forms for her new job. Her new manager called and gave her more papers to fill out online. She hasn’t started working yet. We got her a cell phone from Walmart. She needed an ID to get it to work. She doesn’t have a valid drivers permit any more so she used her passport number for her ID. Her senior class was going to go on a cruse so we got her a passport. In the end they didn’t go on the cruse. Maggie couldn’t get the phone to start working so she called the help line. We think that the phone is all set up but it may take up to two days to have it go completely through their system and start working. If it doesn’t start working tomorrow then she will call the help desk again.

While Maggie is waiting for her job to start she is working on building a city in Minecraft. She got a lot of pieces of loose leaf paper and taped them together and started to draw her city. There is no map or overview and she needs to keep track of where everything is. She was working on one piece of paper, but the city got too big. She has built the roads in the city but she hasn’t started the buildings yet. She has mapped on the large papers where she wants all of the buildings to go…the school, airport, parks etc. She showed her plan to her sister Beth and Beth didn’t like where the buildings were located. She didn’t like it that the school was by the airport. Maggie understands, but says that there is only so much room and some things will need to be in the wrong spot. Now Maggie has started a new map. She has the streets drawn in and is trying to figure out where to put the buildings. I said that no matter where you put the buildings, someone won’t like it. Put them where you want, or stay with your original plan. She doesn’t like to upset people so she will change her city to make others happy.


1/3/18 Maggie got a job!!!…

Maggie got a job at KFC. Woooooooo hooooooooooo! We are all so excited! She had an interview last week. They called a few days later and gave her a web site to go to to fill out some information. When she was done Maggie called in  to the manager at KFC and he told Maggie that they would call her back to let her know when orientation would be. We are all so relieved. This is Maggie’s first job.

One of her first thoughts was how should she spend her first check. My dads advice to my little sister when she got her first job was to always save half of each check. At first it would be easy because she wouldn’t have any bills. Later she will be used to living off of that amount. His idea was that if she ever needed a larger amount of money for a big bill, a computer, a house or retirement, she would have the money. Also she wouldn’t have the stress of always wondering how she was going to pay for things. I gave that advise to Maggie. She just looked at me. I’m not sure if it was because I have told the kids that story many times or if it was because she had no intention of doing it. I also talked about giving to the church and having some spending money. She listened to me. That evening she made a list of the things that she would like to buy when she gets the money. She also put the dollar amount of each item on the list. It is an impressive list. She has had a lot of time to think and she watched as Beth and William got jobs and started to decide where all of their money would go. Maggie is so relieved to have gotten a job,


12/28/17 interviews…

William didn’t get the job stocking shelves at night. They told him in the interview that they wanted someone with more experience. He has been putting in more applications. Last Saturday he put in an application at a local pizza place. He asked to see the hiring manager and was told that he would be in tomorrow at five. We went back the next day just after five. William had on his suit pants and dress shirt. He didn’t wear his tie or suit jacket. I never know what is acceptable for the kids to wear to interviews at fast food places. Everything says to dress up, but how dressed up should he be to make pizzas? William went back into the pizza place and asked for the hiring manager. When he came back to the car William said that he had an interview and it went well. William is not outgoing or talkative. He is bright, but in public, he is quiet. He is so quiet that he gives off the impression that he doesn’t care. I wish that we had a store that I had taken the kids into for years so that the staff knew them and they could all get first jobs there.
I went around the neighborhood and wrote down all of the names of companies that might have a second or third shift. William needs a company where the start time is at a time when I can drop him off. He does a great job once he clocks in, but he can’t remember to leave the house to get to a job on time. Also, if he walks to work it is difficult to get there at the appropriate time. If he is too early it upsets people and he can’t be late, then he would get fired. I had never thought about this. One day William and I were talking and he said that walking to interviews was incredibly hard. He never knew if lights were all going to turn red and hold him up or if there was going to be a lot of traffic. It is easy to be five or ten minutes early or late for an interview when he walks. I have been trying to drive him to interviews.


12/7/17 interviewing and job applications…

William has had an interview at a grocery store to stock shelves at night. He has had about nine months of steady work experience, but was told that they were looking for someone with more experience. I wish that he would go back to school. There is a cleaning company right by us. It is so close and they work after the business has closed for the evening. William is a good worker and does a good job and has great attendance, but he can’t get to work on time. He gets too involved in what ever he is working on and forgets to go and do things. He had great attendance at his first job because he was dropped off at the door at the correct time to clock in. If he went to the cleaning place I would be able to get him there on time.
Maggie has been putting in a lot of job applications. She doesn’t want to drive so we are getting names of businesses that are on areas that her grandma would like to drive to every day. She has had a few interviews. It seems that for every thirty to forty applications she gets an interview and she is now very comfortable with interviewing. She longs to work and have something to do and have some money.


11/24/17 working…

Maggie got a call for an interview at a pet store. We are so excited. She loves pets. She is really a scientist, but since she dropped out of college, she needs a job. She needs to get her interview outfit together. The store that she is interviewing at is the same one that our ferret was bought at.
Beth is going job hunting with me next week. She has been out of high school for a whole summer and hasn’t looked for a job for the weekdays yet. She had a job at a drive in on the weekends but she didn’t get many hours. She has a car and needs to set some money aside for repairs and hasn’t been able to do that.
William got laid off on Friday. They didn’t have enough work for him. He cleans machines in a factory. The machines are all clean. He had come to me about a month or two ago and said that he knew that he wouldn’t be there much longer. He said that at first the machines had been so dirty that he had really needed to work hard to clean them. But now he is re-cleaning clean machines. He could see that they wouldn’t need him long. That’s when we started to look tor a a school for him. He said that he wanted to do programming. It would get him off of his foot. He wasn’t upset that he had been let go. This wasn’t his dream job, but he had been happy that he could buy some candy or a two liter of Coke whenever he wanted to. Now he doesn’t have a job and he isn’t scheduled to go back to school. I asked if waited to go do the pretest at school. He said no. He wanted another job. I am so … not upset … I guess concerned… that he isn’t working. We looked for a job for him for so long before we found this one. Now he does have almost a year of working to put on his resume and he was laid off for lack of work. So maybe we can find something right away for him.
Now … all three kids that are looking for jobs. The temporary agency that William was through said that they would help him find something. They will look close to our house. He doesn’t want to drive, so he will need to be able to walk home from work.


8/28/17 doctor appointment and interviewing…

Mom went to her first doctor appointment since her shoulder surgery. The doctor said that she was healing well. She has a sling with a big pillow keeping her arm about five inches from her body. He said that she could take out the pillow in two weeks and take off the sling two or three weeks after that. He said that she should be healed in four to six months. We have been going over to her house each weekend and cut her grass, she loves the attention. I’m so glad that she is healing so well.
Maggie had an interview the other day. She said that it went well, just like all of the others. She and the interviewer were relaxed. She said that all of the questions were like the other interviews. There was one new question. If she was a server and some customers came in and was calling to her to have Maggie seat them, not realizing that Maggie was a server and not a hostess, would Maggie seat the customer or go and get a hostess. Maggie said that she would seat the customer and then go back to her work. She was happy with her answer. The interviewer said that he would need to send all of the information to the office so she wouldn’t hear back from them for a few days. More waiting…more applications to enter.


8/8/17 Minecraft…

Maggie has been playing Minecraft. She thoroughly loves the game.,
She found a book that shows that people are building castles and was so excited. She found that they dig down and then they can build more floors. There must be a ceiling so they need to start lower to get the height they want. The problem is that when you dig down you don’t know what you will find. Some areas have caves and some have hidden rivers that flood everything until they can be stopped and some have hidden lava streams that also flood everything. Maggie is usually quiet as she builds, until her area starts flooding, then we hear her say “no stop flooding” as she quickly taps the screen to place blocks over the spot that the water or lava is coming from.
Maggie dug out her base and began building. She put in a floor, brick by brick, and pillars. Then she decided that she needed a dirt floor and she wanted to plant grass. She thought that it would look better. So she dug out the floor and planted the grass. Then she decided that she didn’t have enough room so she began to dig out to the side. She has been working on this building for a few weeks.
Here is what Minecraft looks looks like when done in magnets on our fridge.


8/5/17 Maggie’s interview… and Minecraft…

Maggie got a call for an interview at a restaurant. Wooooooo hoooooooo. She got out of school in December and has been looking for work ever since then. She has been filling out applications for so long. Her life has been at a standstill since she got out of school. She wants to work, but no one calls for interviews, she doesn’t want to go back to school. It’s tough to get your first job, so many places want someone who has worked before. Maggie graduated from high school and has some college, but doesn’t want to finish getting her degree. She really wants to go on and do something else, she is not quite sure what, but she is sure that she wants to work as she figures it out.
The restaurant wanted her to go in on Monday but mom drives her and mom has a doctor appointment because of her surgery so Maggie set up the appointment for Thursday. She is very excited. I had her call grandma first and ask if she could get a ride. Grandma said yes. Maggie went to get her interview outfit together.
When Maggie isn’t filling out applications, she is playing Minecraft. It is an online, building …I don’t want to say game, because you don’t get points or have any challenges. People build buildings or whole towns. Sometimes she is building and takes a block away that she doesn’t need and the building either floods or is covered in lava. There are also farm animals that keep wondering into the lake. They don’t drown, they just stay stuck until they get rescued and then generally wander back into the lake. Also, there is a creature that comes in and takes some of her squares of grass.


7/12/17 driving, interviews and thank you cards…

Beth took the car out for a drive for about an hour yesterday. She never gets to drive alone and was so excited to go. She did fine. She drove over to my moms neighborhood. She got there OK but took a wrong turn and got lost on the way home. I let her know that there is a map in the glove box if she needs it. Beth is from a different generation than me so she would probably get directions from her phone, but the paper map is still there if she wants to use it.
When I got home yesterday, there was a message for Maggie. She got a call for an interview. cheer…cheer…cheeeeeerrrr…wooooo hooooooo. I am so excited. Maggie was finishing a thank you note to one of her great aunts, would my aunt be her great aunt? She had gotten a check for graduation and had misplaced it (she graduated over a year ago). Maggie had been cleaning her room and found the card and check. I had her call the aunt and thank her and ask if it was still OK to cash the check. Maggie did a good job on the call. She made a lot of nice small talk and then brought up the check and asked about it. Maggie is usually quiet so this was a big thing for her to make the call. She cashed and spent the money a few weeks ago but hadn’t written the thank you note. So I had her call and then send a note too, since she had gotten the check so long ago I thought the extra call was needed. I always tell them that the gift isn’t theirs until they sent the thank you note.
Maggie went to look for an outfit to wear to the interview. She only has jeans and t shirts. She doesn’t have any need for dress clothes, so she doesn’t have any. Her choices just didn’t look good for an interview. Maggie and I went to Meijer’s and got her dress pants and a dress shirt. She looks ready. I hope that the interview goes well.


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