5/21/16 Financial Aid forms…

I got a verification worksheet from Maggie’s college. I needed to do an IRS retrieval for her FAFSA which means that her FAFSA form (financial aid form) needed to be linked to my tax return at the IRS. I went to her college on Monday, of course I hadn’t read all of the directions on the worksheet. It said that I would need to enter our address the exact way that it was in my taxes. So if I used Ave or Ave. with the period I would need to enter it exactly like that when I did the retrieval on the FAFSA. I didn’t take my taxes with me so I didn’t know exactly how the address was. This matters because we only get one chance to have this linking done automatically. If we are wrong and need to do it again, it will take a lot longer to connect the FAFSA to my taxes and then take a lot longer for Maggie to be a full time college student and to have her sign up for her classes. That was trip one. Not completed because I didn’t know how the address was entered. I went back Tuesday and a student worker helped me to fill out the work sheet to link the form to my taxes. I was going to fill out the entire form at the school but again I still had not read the directions. There was one number it asked for that I didn’t have. That was trip two. Still not completed. I got the number and went back on Wednesday and finished linking the forms. Trip three, done! Woo-Hoo!!! I am so glad that we live by the college.


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