5/18/16 last weeks goals…

Last week I set a goal of cleaning off the buffet. I usually make a list of all of my goals. Sometimes I try to remember all of them, but with three kids, I forget a lot of things. It usually works like this. I set a goal and then forget it a lot of times and finally write it down on a piece of paper. Next I do the things on the list that are totally necessary for every day life, like buying milk. Then I  set the list somewhere, where I never see it again. When I remember the goal again, I write it on the new list that I am working on. One day I decided that nothing was getting accomplished except for me buying milk, so I got a small notepad, the size that would fit into a back pocket. I wrote all of my goals into the notebook and put it securely into my purse so that I wouldn’t loose it. I felt so free. I had my goals written down and wouldn’t loose the paper. … Then I forgot what the goals were, I forgot to look at the new notebook, and I forgot that I had a new notebook. So, I forgot to clean off the buffet, but we do have milk.

What are your goals? How do you reach them?


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1 thought on “5/18/16 last weeks goals…

  1. My goals:
    ~ Bible study daily
    ~ schoolwork recorded daily (I homeschool)
    ~ work clothes set out nightly
    ~ get enough sleep
    ~ set up home business

    I keep lists too . . and my lusts like to hide from me . . they sneakboff into far corners and chuckle at me. . especially my lis5ts of blog post ideas! When I find lost lists I clip them together (harderd for them to run that way!!) and then consolidate them into one list when I have time . . or work off them as they are clipped together. Actually, although it’s aggravating when they run off, it’s fun to find an old list and remember what my original plan was.

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