Wednesday 7/30/08 sock dolls…

The girls have quit making sock dolls since we went to the library. They must like these books.
The last time that I did some packing for us to move, I packed the sock doll stuffing and the bag of button eyes and some other extra sock doll pieces. I thought that the girls were done with that hobby for a while and that we would move right away…so then the items could be unpacked quickly at the next house. But…the girls weren’t done sewing and this house hasn’t sold. The good news is that stuffing and buttons are cheap and readily available. They can be found at many stores close by.


Tuesday 7/29/08 dinner and math…

Beth has been helping me to cook dinner each night. She is old enough to stir things, measure and to open cans. She is now tall enough to get the plates out of the cupboard. Maggie would rather read.
The girls have been doing some math homework review over the summer to get ready for next year. I need to get some flash cards or a math card game to use too. A card game would be great. The kids like fun learning.


Monday 7/28/08 Folding bike…

I bought a folding bike. After our last bike ride, when all of the bikes were on the bike rack, I looked down to where the bike rack sits on the plastic bumper. The bumper was sagging. Four bike is too much weight for the bumper. When we first got the bike rack, Beth’s bike was small enough to fit into the trunk. Now her bike is bigger and must go on the bike rack too. I hope to have the bike by next weekend. It is the right size, so the kids can take turns riding it too.


Monday 7/28/08 the neighbor’s garden…

One of our neighbors moved out two years ago. A different neighbor cuts the first neighbor’s grass each week…just so that the house doesn’t look abandoned. One day I noticed that the weeds at that house were four feet tall. The kids and I went over to pull the weeds. The garden looks nice now. We had never gone over before to see what was planted in the front of that house. It will be nice someday to have neighbors there.
Since our house hasn’t sold the girls will go back to the school that they were at last year.


Saturday 7/26/08 bike riding…

We went bike riding today!!! It didn’t rain!!! The bikes went on the bike rack so easily and the mosquitoes weren’t out!!! We take water with us and frozen juice pouches for the ride home. I would like to get a basket for my bike, but the basket would need to be removable…I don’t think that we could get my bike on the rack with a basket on it.
The seat on Maggie’s bike is fixed now and my bike tires stayed pumped up. Beth practiced different tricks. She can ride with her feet off of the pedals and with one hand…but she doesn’t do both tricks at the same time. William likes to find someone who is riding fast and try to catch them.


Friday 7/25/08 bike riding and Christmas shopping…

Well, it is Friday!!!!! We have a new plan for the weekend. We are going to go bike riding tomorrow morning after breakfast…unless it rains. Beth wants to go outside and play with her friends, and Maggie and William both have their books in hand.
It is about 153 days until Christmas…I am hoping to get most of my shopping done this weekend. I don’t like to shop when it is cold out.Also, if I get it done now…then I can concentrate on playing with the kids, spending time with them, making cookies etc., instead of wondering if I have everything done.


Thursday 7/24/08 hobbies…

Mulberry season is almost over. The kids are eating the last of the berries. Mulberry season is one of their favorite times of the year.
We are trying to find all of the kids a hobby. They each need something that they enjoy when their friends aren’t around. We have tried books, needlepoint, crochet, making sock dolls, transforming t-shirts, model car building, building with hammers and saws, bead necklaces, sewing, painting…William likes to read, Maggie likes all of the hobbies, her current favorites are sock dolls and reading, and Beth likes all of the hobbies especially if someone is doing the hobby with her.


Wednesday 7/23/08 books and bike riding…

We went to the library this week. Beth’s book had come in, and Maggie needed more books. Maggie got four books…Maggie needed four books. She loves to read. Beth likes to read now. It is a relief that she doesn’t dread picking up a book.
We are going to try to go for a bike ride this weekend. I hope that it doesn’t rain while we are riding. We haven’t been able to ride since we got Maggie’s bike and my bike fixed…but we do spend a lot of time putting the bikes on the rack…and taking them off again.


Tuesday 7/22/08 grass seed…

We had a large tree in our front yard. It was taken down last year and the stump was ground up. A few weeks ago we put compost over the mulch (ground up bark) and added grass seed. The grass seed didn’t grow very well. Our neighbors came over the other day and said that for about a dollar-fifty per bag we could get some dirt for the grass seed to grow on. So…we got some dirt and put more grass seed on it. Now we are keeping it watered. I hope that the grass grows, I would really like to go onto another project.


Monday 7/21/08 colleges and bike riding…

We toured a college last Saturday. I think that this is our last tour. After it was over I asked William what he thought. He said that it was not the college for him. I asked if he had made a choice from the other colleges, he said no, not yet. He can take classes on-line at the community college until he is ready to choose.
We tried to go bike riding Saturday. As soon as we got to the bike trail and got our bikes off of the rack, it started to rain. We waited a few minutes for the rain to slow down and we put our bikes on the rack and we went home.


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