Monday 6/30/08 Bike riding…

We need to take our bikes into the bike shop. Our bike pump stopped working last year and we all have flat tires. On Maggie’s bike the seat is tilted back and none of us are strong enough to fix it.

Last year we took our bikes to a trail to ride. William rides ahead, and comes back every now and then to let us know that he is OK. Maggie and Beth ride with me. We take bottles of water with us. I remember on one ride the girls spotted a frog by the side of the trail. They jumped off of their bikes to catch it, the girls ran one way, the frog went another, the bikes fell over, and the water bottles bounced onto the ground. When the girls decided that they couldn’t catch the frog, they retrieved their bikes and we rode off. A few miles later we realized that we had lost the water bottles.


Monday 6/30/08 berries…

We have a mulberry tree that hangs over our back yard. Our backyard is full of berries. The kids love to climb up on the play area and eat the berries. A lot of berries are too high for the kids to reach, so this year the kids have taken yarn and tied the branches together so that they can reach more berries. It is startling to go up to the tree and see the brightly colored yarn in the branches.


Sunday 6/29/08 computer programs and homework…

We finally have William’s computer hooked up in his room. The computer program C++ is on the computer…we think it is on the computer correctly. He tried to run a program from his class, but the program was written so that it had to go to other, previously written pieces of program…and those other programs aren’t there because the class is over. We need to have William write a program from his C++ book, that doesn’t need any other lines of programming except for what he puts in now. Then we can see if it is set up.
Maggie and Beth have decided to start their summer homework. They were sitting on the couch with their books deciding where to start last week. In all of the past years, I have kept the books and given one page of homework each day. The page has homework on both sides. I have them do half of one side each day. I only want the homework to help them to get back into school easier, not to have them do homework all day. We don’t finish the whole book in the summer, but that doesn’t bother me.


Saturday 6/28/08 food on car trips…

When we take a day trip we take bagels and cream cheese, cold pizza, orange slices and frozen juice boxes. The juice boxes are frozen on the trip there, but on the way home, they have melted. We keep everything in a cooler in the trunk while we are out of the car…the food is chilly, but not frozen when we go home.
When I was young, we always had bologna and mustard sandwiches on each trip. To this day, when I eat a bologna and mustard sandwich, I think of our family vacations.


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