Tuesday 12/11/07 Christmas cards…

I am filling out the Christmas cards tonight. I had cards that were bought earlier in the year, but at the last minute, I misplaced them. I really didn’t want to re-buy something that I already had, so I put off re-buying them. Finally, they never turned up, and I am just starting to address the cards. I really like to mail the cards about a week after Thanksgiving.


Monday 12/10/07 Pictures and snow…

We got our family pictures in the mail last week. They look good. We had wanted a picture of all of us before William went away to college. It is a relief that the picture is done.
We had our first winter storm last weekend. There was snow and ice and rain. It was messy. I ended up staying home.
There is a small amount of painting that needs done on the house. William’s shelves for his closet need done and the heater in the bathroom needs some rust-o-lium. Maybe this week would be a good time to do it. Then I could quit thinking about painting.


Monday 12/03/07 Planning to decorate…

We decided to put up the Christmas decorations next Saturday. We had wanted to put them up sooner, but we wanted to make sure that we had enough time to put them up. We had thought about putting them up on a Friday night, but thought that if we started in the morning when we weren’t tired and had a full day open, it would feel fun and not rushed.
We have an artificial tree. We also have a lot of decorations. We started out with some decorations. Each year the kids make some at school, and each year we make ornaments as a family, and a few years ago when my grandmother passed away, we got some of her decorations.
I like to take down a few pictures off of the wall and cover the picture with wrapping paper and put a bow on it. When we hang it back up, It looks like there is a present on the wall.


Sunday 12/2/07 my favorite plants…

There are a few plants around the yard that I really care about. There are some hastas from my grandparent’s farm and also some rhubarb that came from the farm. There are the snow drop bulbs, the hastas from the neighbors down the street and the strawberries from my mom. If we move in the spring when the ground is still frozen, these plants won’t be able to come with us.
A few months ago I bought some flower pots. Saturday I took some of each of these plants and put them into the pots and put them into the garage. Now I can quit worrying about moving without them.
I have two more plants that I care a lot about, my great-grandparents roses. I have brought seven cuttings of both of them in the house to root. All of great-grandpas sprouted. None of great-grandmas have. There is only one of great grandmas rose bushes outside, I didn’t want to put it into the garage, for fear that it would die. The cuttings are still alive, maybe they will sprout.


Friday 11/30/07 The fridge quit working…

Our refrigator quit working last night. Its never a good time to buy a major appliance. I went to the store today to get a used fridge. They will deliver it tomrrow morning at about 11:00 am.
This sounds so simple…fridge quits…bought new one…new one (new-to-me) gets delivered tomorrow before lunch. In reality, we still have four hungery people at home who are ready to eat dinner, and who will want breakfast in the morning. I didn’t think that this would be a problem, we have food in the cupboard. Everything needed milk to cook it. We ended up having macronni and cheese, from a box so that the cheese was in a pouch in the box, canned fruit, canned vegetable, and baked beans. For breakfast we have some instant oatmeal. The kids still like it without milk. I need to get some foods that only require water or that are already ready, like canned spagetti. Something that we could just heat up. Also…do the stores sell powdered milk in packets that make one gallon of milk at a time? How long would the powdered milk keep for in the pouches? We need to have a few ”easy to prepare” foods for emergencies.


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