10/19/17 washing machines and ferrets…

 William bought us a new washer. Woo hoo. Our old one died and I got a replacement one at the resale shop. I had forgotten that we had gotten the broken one from my mom when we moved out. She had told me that it was a large capacity one and if we eventually replaced it with one that wasn’t a large capacity machine we would need to make an adjustment to a smaller load size. The one that we got was a normal washer. What an adjustment. William wasn’t happy and asked if we could get a larger one if he paid for it. I said yes. The machine came today. We were so excited. They couldn’t hook it up because they couldn’t get the old hoses off of the faucet. The delivery guys were really nice. They showed us which hoses go where and also connected the drainage hose. After they left William and I tried to get the hoses off. When we were done the hoses were still attached. We decided to use the old hoses so we attached them to the washer. We must have loosened something because the faucet now leaked. Bummer. Now we have a great machine that we can’t use. I got the name of a plumber from my friend and was about to call him when Beth called. Her car wouldn’t start. She had gotten her first check from work and had gone and bought a ferret. She had taken the pet to a friends house and now the car wouldn’t turn over.
I was going to call the tow truck but decided that she was older. I texted her the numbers.
Beth got her car to the garage and after picking her up we went to get the ferret. She is all white and a few months old. Beth decided that Maggie can babysit the ferret since she is home looking for a job.


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