6/19/17 driving and movies…

Beth is out driving for the first time alone today. I gave her money for gas and a few dollars to go through the drive thru at McDonald’s. I thought that she would want to get the gas and drive back home. That’s what I did. My parents gave me a few dollars to get gas and I did that and drove straight home. She didn’t feel  the same way. She wanted to be gone for an hour. An hour. I’m hyperventilating. This is her first time out driving. Couldn’t she go get the gas and come home and tell me that she is OK?
We all had lunch after church. Maggie had separated the movies. She made a pile of movies that we don’t watch any more. We needed to wait until we were all here to choose which ones to let go. The VHS will go to the Goodwill and the DVDs will go to the resale shop. The resale shop doesn’t take VHS’s any more. They take up too much room. We separated the movies and kept any that any one wanted. Each movie only needed one vote to stay. Then Beth went driving. My little girl. She still had her dress on from church and looked so grown up. I prayed over her before she left, that she would be safe and everyone around her would be safe. I also told her to remember to watch her speed and the other cars and to watch all of the things that I usually remind her of. I also took her picture of her before she left. She left in the car… I watched out the back door… The garage is in the back of the house. Then I watched out of the front door. She texted me after about a half hour from a McDonald’s that she was OK. I’m still hyperventilating.
Beth made it home OK. She had fun but looked like it was no big deal. I may need to color my hair soon. Beth had gone to get gas, then she went to McDonald’s. She went on the highway and went past a few friends houses. She did have fun. Beth looks very sure of herself when she is driving.


6/18/17 sorting the movies and whittling…

Maggie sorted out all of the movies. She is at home all day since she is not at school any longer and is looking for a job. We had one book shelf that had movies but was positioned behind a desk. She couldn’t see all of the movies so one day while we were gone she moved the bookshelf. She also sorted all of the movies, Maggie loves to sort things. She sorted them by VHS and sorted them by ones with big plastic cases and ones with cardboard cases and ones without cases. Then she sorted the DVDs. She sorts them by adventure, romantic, series, like the Walton’s. She also sorted out all of the movies that we never watch. She wanted us to look at them and make a decision and get rid of them.We needed to wait until everyone was here to sort out movies to give away. She put them back on the bookshelf but on a separate shelf from the ones that we are keeping. When all of us are home we can all look at them.
Maggie and I went to the cemetery to get some more sticks for Maggie to whittle. There are a lot of older trees there and usually there are a lot of fallen limbs to choose from.


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